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Still clueless...

Senior police officials, requesting anonymity, opined that bullet-proof jacket is the first line of evidence which should have been taken into the custody by the investigators. However, Mumbai police found this blooper only after slain IPS officer's wife, Kavita Karkare, filed an RTI plea in which the police admitted that the jacket was not traceable.

Are our police clueless or made to be clueless?

Are the Mumbai police so naïve?

And have any of them been taken to task?

Not likely, since as usual they have selected the right candidate to pave the escape route.

“On the night of November 27, after Karkare's body was brought to JJ hospital for autopsy, I had mistakenly put the jacket along with bio-medical and non-medical waste in polythene bags which was sent to the Deonar dump grounds for disposal”, the sweeper had said in the statement on December 22, 2008.

Brothers born five months apart!

This can happen only in India. As per government records, two real brothers were born just five months apart around 58 years ago.

More surprising than this medical impossibility – there is no evidence to suggest that they were born to different mothers – is the fact that this glaring error has remained undetected for 37 years. No these guys are not Group 4 employees working in some remote corner where records are difficult to trace or link.

They are senior IPS officers of the 1973 batch. One is already DG of the BSF while the other is set to take over as DG CRPF and create 'history'!

The Home Ministry, on whose web site their dates of birth are available, is unable to explain this 'discrepancy' even now. This is real history!

Just Empty Words as Reward for Cops in Gadchiroli

In Gadchiroli District, Maharashtra, over 50 policemen have lost their lives in encounters with the Maoists during the past one year. Police personnel show exceptional bravery in putting their lives on the line when on duty in this dangerous area.

Often announcements are made of rewards to these policemen in appreciation of their work. However, these rewards, though announced, have not actually been paid for the last four years.

'The total sum on this count which has piled up to a Rs 1.5 crore remains to be disbursed for want of funds'.

On the other hand, about 30% posts of Class l and ll government officials are vacant in Gadchiroli District because 'officials do not prefer going to the area due to security reasons'.


Recently, a Marathi picture has been in the news

ZENDA (i hope I have spelt it right)
It seems it was cleared by the censor board.

Narain Ran’s son had some objections to some of the content.
After Rane watched the picture, he gave the clearance after certain amendments, and media reported;

Are the constitutional institutions dead?

What authority has Rane got to stop the release?

Why did he not go to the Court for relief?

Why do we need one Rane’s clearance?

Why is the CM quiet?

Why is the court not taking suo-moto notice?

Why hasn’t the censor board objected to interference?

Why are SS and MNS quiet?

Is there any rule of law in the country?


Khan, the multi-lingual 'Gandhian' terrorist

Ghulam Rasool Khan, an Afghan national with links to the Taliban was arrested in Purnia district on January 13 while planning to cross into Bangladesh.

That he has been in India for a long time is evident from the fact that he can speak many Indian languages including Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and English. American national Headley was clearly not an exception; our intelligence agencies are truly in deep slumber.

After being arrested and sent to jail, Khan had demanded that he be given two kg mutton and two kg chicken daily, since he was a habitual meat eater.

That he has learnt much more than Indian languages is evident from the fact that he refused to eat the vegetarian food of the jail and even threatened to go on hunger strike if his demand was not met! Gandhian terrorist!

pakistani "boy child" to the rescue.....

The government poster for highlighting the National Girl Child Day, January 23, shows various male worthies, along with two grown up girl children. While Kapil Dev, Virender Sehwag, and Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, along with , the PM, figure prominently, along with a message " "Where would you be if your mother was not allowed to be born?", the female of the species, is represented by Sonia Gandhi, and the concerned minister Krishn Tirath.

While authorities remain blind to women achievers, like Sania, Saina, Anjali Bhagwat etc., huge apologies are being made for including, inexplicably, the picture of Pakistani ex air force chief Tanvir Ahmed.

Its possible that Tanvir Ahmed was born in undivided India. There was a 50% chance of he remaining Indian.

Was this done to make up for excluding that country from the IPL ? :-)

The Man Who Could Have Changed History

This is probably the first time  I have seen serious criticism emerging so soon after a person's death. Normally, we eulogise the deceased's known and unknown qualities for a while.

Jyoti Basu passed away into the unknown and a chapter, which is only a long list of missed opportunities, comes to a close.

Given a mandate for 23 years, this man imprisoned by his ideology set the clock back by 50 years and left a state in shambles. India was at crossroads and Basu could have taken the path where Bengal led the country with enlightened leadership and governance. Instead polemics and bandhs / gheraos and ghetto mentality overtook everything else.

This is a study bringing out the difference between ideology as a theory and its practical implementation. The contrast with Gujarat could not be starker.

History shall judge Jyoti Basu harshly. What a tragedy?


I am not against anyone who is mentioned in this post.
I am just curious.
How is that some of the artists who come to India, manage to stay back?
A case in point is, Adnan Saami.
Naturally, he is staying here legally, but how? Is he on work permit? How long is that applicable for?
Who has got him the work permit?
But is he not working independently?

Under which law has he been permitted to buy immovable property/ies in India?
Whatever little knowledge I have, those who are not Indian citizens, cannot buy immovable property in India.

Are such people entitled to get a PAN card?
What can happen if one such person decides to marry an Indian girl?
I am a fan of Saami, and curious.
A lot of performers are in India for years together.?

Jail : A "deemed" language institute

More than 4000 applications( State processing fee 1 lakh/taxi) for new taxi registrations have been filed in Mumbai. The State Government has just initiated a rule requiring State domicile of 15 years, and proficiency in Marathi for the new cabbies. Although the Taximens Union opposes this, it is useful to know that London Cabbies are tested on their knowledge of London streets before getting a permit. The names there are in English. So a perfunctionary knowledge reading/speaking Marathi would not hurt Mumbai cabbies.

Language learning needs time, but this rule , as it currently stands, will probably throw up one more scope for corruption, and false certificates will rule with impunity.

In the meanwhile, the lone captured terrorist from Faridkot, Punjab,Pakistan, has picked up enough Marathi in jail, to have conversations in Court with the judge in Marathi.

Kasa(b) Shikla ?

Should we have tests for ministers?

There is work, but no jobs.

7 postgraduates, 8 Arts graduates, 1 Science graduate, 100 Class XII , and 8 Class X's applying for a sweepers jobs in Gautam Buddha Nagar Noida. 1075 applications for 397 vacancies. Practical tests for sweeping, sticking feet in mud and sewage were conducted.

In the meanwhile, a few UPA Ministers, have jobs but no work.

Lutyens bungalows, cars , secretaries, security, everything intact. Junior minister for textiles, signs a single file for six months. The Junior minister for commerce says he is clueless about press releases by his department.Other juniors in the departments of Heavy Industry, Railways, Roads, Urban Development, HRD, and Public Enterprises have no work assigned. They recently met the PM regarding this.

Like the "deemed" Universities, can we also say that these "deemed" ministers be abolished ?

Communist Doublespeak

CPM General Secretary, Prakash Karat, has magnanimously declared that party members 'can attend religious events organised by others'.

However they have to have to 'adopt a scientific outlook and abandon religious faith'.

He has instructed that 'party activists and people’s representatives should not conduct religious programmes nor should they observe religious rituals'.

He has further said, though, that 'they are not asked to abandon their faith or religious practices'.

Wanted:-An interpreter to decipher the meaning of all this.


Asha Kiran Complex, is for the mentally challenged and is managed by Social Welfare Dept of the Delhi Govt.where 13 inmates have died in one month.

Human Rights team is said to have observed “an overcrowded cage with conditions worse than the national zoos”

The complex is meant for 350 but has about 720 inmates.

The Delhi commission for protection of child rights has issued a notice to social welfare deptt. It has submitted an inspection report stating 75 inmates have died between 2004-08.

One inspection report is said to have stated that children suffer from TB, and skin diseases. This was due to lack of hygiene, sanitary condition besides overcrowding.

Children with TB were not kept in isolation rooms either.

So much for Delhi Govt efforts to take care of India’s “FUTURE”

This govt has been voted in three times.

That foul smell again: What is cooking at DD?

Is it any wonder that viewers, given a choice, avoid any 'darshan' of Doordarshan (DD), India's government-run 'national' broadcaster?

Just look at the list of 'professionals' chosen by it produce programs worth Rs 240 crores for its Kashmiri channel: a cook, an anganwadi worker, a labourer, a businessman and a travel agent! These people are evidently 'fronts' for officials of DD. The cook, for example, works at the home of an influential DD official!

The man behind this sordid scam is believed to be a retired IAS officer, BS Lalli, the CEO of Prasar Bharati. He is rumored to be a thoroughly corrupt officer who was involved in similar scandals while in service too.

It is not just Air India that is being killed by babus pretending to be CEOs. The rot is across the spectrum and near total.

Mumbai - A Looming Crisis

Water is the elixir of life and we in Mumbai shall soon have no water once a week. Come May and we would have run out of the last drop.

This megapolis guzzles 3500 million litres daily and is at the mercy of the rain Gods.  After nine years of surplus rainfall we face a thirsty summer.

Water supply to Mumbai and surrounding areas is a complex task managed by the Municipality. They have done an amazing job but even they have had to accept defeat to rising population and ofcourse scanty precipitation.

Water saving measures should help but cannot provide an entire city's daily requirements and desalination an expensive inevitable solution will meet only 10% of our requirement.

A crisis that can derail life and bring out the worst in us is at our doorstep and we are immobilised for now.

Hazards of the day

We seem to be taking one step back for every three steps forward.

Chandrayan has landed on the moon, yet we superstitiously declare a holiday for schools on the day of the solar eclipse to avoid children "being exposed to the evil effects of the eclipsed sun."

Some of the more cautious (and sensible?) newspapers termed it as a holiday to enable the children to watch the celestial phenomenon.

The woman who comes to clean my house left early because she has to be safely at home before the Moon glides in front of the Sun.

I wish we could really put the education that we get, into practice!

Divine Green Intervention

An NGO, Raunak Evam Jagruk Samaj Sanstha(REJSS), at SonBhadra district near Lucknow, holds Ramayana discourses and prayers for Llord Ram, and disburses saplings as prasad at the end of it. The project, started in June 2009 to inculcate the importance of environmental protection, showed hardly any results, till religion and environment concerns were mixed up...

Saplings are distributed as consecrated prasad to the devotees who attend the discourses with great faith, and later plant them as God's will. Earlier the project involved only school children, but now includes people from all walks of life. 18,000 saplings have been distributed so far.

REJSS collects funds for the saplings , door-to-door, where people contribute according to their earnings and capability.

Increase in the green cover of the state using religion must teach a lesson to those who use religion to divide.

Get ready for the Police TV Channel

Saw this interesting piece of news in today's Times of India, about the Karnataka Police Force planning to launch a TV channel to involve the citizens in crime prevention - the first of its kind in the country.

It is to go on air in April, and they promise us that the channel 'will not be boring.'
Read on!

Late and Shameless solutions

Union Agriculture Minister Pawar says prices will start coming down within 8-10 days, now that the Cabinet has met urgently and taken steps.

What was he doing when Tur Dal reached Rs 116/Kg, Moong Dal was 100/kg, and sugar finally reached a half century ? With Potatoes , Onions and vegetables not far behind ?

Watching the graph ?

If the government had the solution in hand to control the prices in 8-10 days, why did they wait till today ?

Who made how much fortune in these days, and who was unable to feed how many young ones in these same days ? And if Mayawati was the spoke in the wheel, why shout about it only now ?

Will this be investigated ? And someone punished ?

And will this happen after every election ?

Limerick: Mister Big Sugar

Mister Big Sugar is our minister of agriculture,
Food prices are soaring because he is the vulture;
He says he will feed
The poor who do bleed,
We know; plucking to the bone ain't corruption-culture.

RTI Activist against Corruption killed

There are 2 types of people who need police protection.

The extremely evil and the extremely good!

Those who take to crime, deceit, hate, live in the fear of being killed. So are people who are extremely good to the extent of taking on the evil and fighting corruption, for the benefit of the innocent, gullible public against the collective will of powerful people with vested interests. Last week, Mumbai activist Nayana Kathpalia, fighting to protect open spaces in Mumbai against rampant development survived an attack.

Yesterday, braveheart RTI activist, Satish Shetty, who had been fighting corruption has been slain before police protection was provided!

A Salute from a “slacktivist” to the real Indian activists! My prayer to God Almighty to protect them from evil forces!

Bright students given just Rs 10 pm as scholarship!

How insensitive, unresponsive and out-of-touch with the aam admi India's babudom is, is exemplified by the fact that meritorious school students have been getting a princely sum of Rs 10 as merit scholarship and Rs 20 as merit-cum-poverty scholarship from the govt of Odisha for the last 20 years.

While politicians never miss an opportunity to vote more and more perks and privileges for themselves, and govt officials get their salaries and DA revised upwards regularly, for two decades no one has bothered to revise the scholarship amount. To cap it, only a few thousand such scholarships are given out every year in the entire state. The situation in other states must be similar; leopards retain their spots, no matter which jungle they are in.

Kapil Sibal needs to focus more on education for the masses. India's development hinges on that.

They continue to wear bullet proof jackets…

No.. not our police officers or our soldiers but those in authority continues to be protected.

We lamented when our brave officers died due to lack of good protective gears and we thought the urgency shown by those in authority were sincere.

Can the leopard change its spots?

R K Verma,( the joint director at the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory in Chandigarh, a DRDO unit) who was part of the tender evaluation committee, has admitted to wrongdoing in the testing procedure in the order of 59,000 bullet-proof jackets for the Central para-military forces that was placed by the government last year.

And if you read more (if one can stomach it), you will realize that it was not just a Verma who is involved in this but a whole lot of thugs (respectable citizens) and hence we are forced to see this as just another offence and Verma being shifted to Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE) at Chandigarh.

Yeh Desh ki Dharti....

Exactly at the place Ajmal Kasab et al landed from the Arabian Sea, land is being reclaimed from the sea, by unknown entities. The Municipal Authorities, Collectorate and the State government deny any connection with it, although right next to it some Shore Protection Installations are being done by the PWD.

This was a result of an RTI filed by BJP MLA Tawde, whose staff member noticed the work. The application has been tossed around various departments like Urban Development, MSRDC, and the Port Development Department(PDD). The BMC gave an address for the PDD in Navi Mumbai, which turned out to be fake.

While this reeks of intentional ignorance of some activities, is it surprising that anyone can sail up from the sea and enter the city from anywhere ? With unmonitored landing places being created ?

God help us.

West Bengal Farmers Reclaim Land Destroyed By Cyclone Aila

When cyclone Aila hit West Bengal in May 2009, large tracts of land were submerged under saline water for over a week. This not only destroyed the standing crops, but rendered the land unsuitable for cultivation for subsequent few years.

West Bengal farmers found the answer to their problem in far-away Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore-based Revathi Thiruvenkataswamy, director of the Tamil Nadu Organic Farmers’ Movement came to train farmers in sustainable agriculture. She taught them techniques for easy desalination of land so it would be possible to grow crops there again.

“We don’t buy chemical pesticides anymore. Instead, we make herbal tonics with local herbs and plants,” says Sahu, a farmer, who has harvested paddy, okra and mustard from his fields.

Twenty farmers have successfully resumed farming using organic methods. Many more have been convinced to make the change.


Australians are on killing spree for some time now.

We don’t seem to have a strong msg in our foreign policy.

MEA is making only statements; it is time that civil society takes up the matter.

Film industry should boycott Australia for location shooting.

Indians should boycott Australia as a tourist destination.

Travel agents should stop bookings to Australia as a protest.

All page 3 socialites should stop attending functions at the Australian Embassy.

Indians should have a social boycott towards Australians in India.

Our Foreign minister says that Indian students should not go to Australia to learn hair dressing or cookery. Well said, Mr Minister, but if Ministers like you stay in 5 star deluxe hotels they will demand such trained experts.

Can we expect any action from MEA?


A Fresh Approach to Environment

We did not make large emission reduction commitments. However, there is dismay at our making unilateral declarations on emission cuts.

We need to assess our own interests. It is time that we shed this ostrich like attitude and initiate various cost effective measures of environment protection.

We have expertise in frugal engineering and our solutions to specific problems can be low cost. We need not ape the solutions found by western nations. They are expensive and not suitable for us.

We need not make commitments at international fora but we should initiate this process quietly and encourage investments in new technologies.

Energy conservation, potable water, sewage and waste water re-cycling need attention. The low cost water purifier "Svach" from Tatas is one such example.

We must not shirk from cleaning up our act and also take advantage of "green"business opportunities.


The Lal Chowk, Srinagar terror transcripts of Jan 8, 2010 indicate how Pakistani handlers kept advising the terrorists holed up in the hotel. Conversations of Pakistani handlers with the 26/11 terrorists are already known. Simultaneously , there has been rocket firing by Pakistani troops across the border in Kashmir.

Are we waiting to catch another terrorist alive, so we can do court trials again for more than a year ? Will we build special facilities at a huge cost to house these terrorists ? Or are we preparing copies of transcripts to send to Pakistan , where they will probably have a good laugh over it ?

In which other country can people from outside , come in, attack, kill, destroy, again and again, and not be retaliated immediately ?

And we just analyze, report, and wait? For more? Again?

Auto sales speeding ahead

The pick-up in the sales of autos is gathering further momentum, an unmistakable signal that the economy is on a strong revival path, earlier than expected.

In September 2009, top eight financiers had disbursed loans worth Rs 3,400 crores, 25% more than the average during the previous four months. In December, sales zoomed by 68% YOY, on top of a 61% surge in November.

Handsome gains in sales have been recorded in all segments - cars, two-wheelers, three-wheelers and commercial vehicles. With sales of commercial vehicles registering a phenomenal growth of 172% , there is little doubt that India's growth story is back on track. A 10% annual growth is very much possible within a couple of years.

Picture: The Times of India

Don't Know What To Say...

Not surprised though...Read for yourself:

"In an instance of shocking apathy, a sub-inspector of Tamil Nadu Police, brutally attacked by a gang in Tirunelveli district, bled to death as his cry for help went in vain even after two ministers with their convoy stopped by and saw his plight.

44-year old Vetrivel, who was a member of the Special Task Force that gunned down forest brigand Veerappan in 2004, lay in a pool of blood with his leg severed and begged for help after the attack by the gang at Alwarkuruchi shortly before the ministerial convoy was to pass by last evening, eyewitnesses said.

Health Minister M R K Panneerselvam and Youth and Sports Development Mohideen Khan, along with officials, including the District Collector, halted their convoy on seeing the profusely bleeding police official battling for life on the road.

Eyewitnesses said Vetrivel was screaming for help but did not get assistance in time from the ministers and accompanying officials."

The Caste Criteria

There are 397 members in the newly formed Bihar state committee of the Congress - and the most important criteria for their inclusion seems to be that of caste.

A section of the list released here in Patna on Wednesday, issued by the AICC headquarters and bearing the signature of AICC Bihar in-charge Jagdish Tytler, had castes — Kanyakubja Brahmin, Bhumihar, Chamar, Yadav, Maithili Brahmin, Muslim, Rajput — affixed to the names.

The visibly embarrassed Bihar state Congress chief, Anil Kumar Sharma, explained that copies of the lists had been distributed by mistake. They were meant for internal use only. However he stressed that every section of society had been represented in the new committee.

That would surely not be difficult with a 397 member committee? Or might the number of castes be more than 397?

Highway treat: Sonia and Manmohan

Get ready to be greeted by Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh every 25 kms when you travel on national highways.

1500 billboards are being put up with photos of the duo in UP, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Delhi, MP, Chhatisgarh, West Bengal, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, J&K, Himachal, Assam and other NE states.

As per the Times of India, each billboard will cost Rs 10 lakhs while the Economic Times puts the figure at Rs 4 lakhs. That means anything between Rs 60 crores to Rs 150 crores is going to spent on them.

When the BJP was in power, the Congress had criticised it for putting up similar billboards with photos of Vajpayee and Khanduri. Now the BJP is returning the favour.

As always, the tax payer has no say.

Idiotic solutions

Maharashtra government thinks the KEM ragging incident may have been triggered by "3 Idiots", and the ministers will now watch the movie officially.

Can we also attribute womens' molestation and eve teasing incidents to the Bollywood movies which glamourize it ? Will the custodians of culture blame movies for the current women's fashions displayed on the ramps, with less fabric and more skin ? Will the ministers now watch fashion shows and movies to decide ?

What about excessive violence depicted in movies and often emulated ? Or do the movies actually show real life ? Will the ministers watch action movies for this ? Has the Home Minister of the state ever commented on the laughable depiction of the police in movies ? And done anything about it ?

Does reality blind you ? And do movies "educate" ?

Crossing Bridges successfully.....

Pratyaya Amrit, a 1991 batch IAS took over as the head of the Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam, in April 2006. In 30 years, the Nigam had constructed 330 bridges, and was on the verge of liquidation on Rabri Devi's initiative. Since 2006, the Nigam has built 336 bridges, and the accumulated loss of 17 crores since its inception, has now been converted into a profit of 83.80 crores.

This has been achieved by motivating the staff, creating decent working conditions, weeding out bad contractors, rewarding good work, and the top man's personal attention to the specific problems. Inspectors film bridge progress on cellphones and send it to the Head.

Bridges are the flood-prone state's lifelines, with 28 of the 38 districts floodprone. During the Kosi floods, the Nigam donated 20 crores. Reliance, with 9 crores came second. Details .

A railway station 'by the people'

For 25 long years, no one listened to their pleas. Finally, the residents of Tajnagar village near Gurgaon decided to do do something about it on their own.

And now they have a railway station, complete with two kachcha platforms and a ticket counter. The 700 households contributed Rs 3000 each; some of the better-off chipped in Rs 50,000 and more to collect Rs 21 lakhs to build the station. Not just that. They have also deposited Rs 5 lakhs with the railways to shame it into expanding it.

Their effort has worked. 13 trains, mostly locals, will begin to stop at the station from January 5. The villagers will no longer have to travel 6 kms in three-wheelers to the nearest railway station. A dozen nearby villages will also benefit.

Says something about how government departments work.

Need and Greed

Weeding out bogus Ration cards in Mumbai, the authorities asked people to submit their cards for renewal with proofs, before Dec 31, 2009. Several people still are unaware of this. The Rationing Authority's jurisdiction extends all the way beyond Navi Mumbai, and the staff strength available is only 1200, to serve 3, 39,65,000 cardholders. The government has no funds to upgrade these services. The illegal immigrant problem in Mumbai is a direct result of the ease with which new ration cards can be obtained.

Meanwhile, Pravin Mahajan, killer of MP Pramod Mahajan, lies comatose in a pricey private hospital, even on parole expiry, his family has applied for financial aid , and the government says it is considering helping on humanitarian grounds.

Just wondering what the government's definition of "needy" is .

And where all the money is .


It is now 12 days since Rathore got bail for his (mis) adventures.

This is the first time I am complimenting the media for seriously taking upon issue with objective in mind.

How many more FIRs are going to be filed, who will fight who’s case, who is being interviewed is all immaterial.

What is of prime importance is...What has the Govt done since last 12 days, except making wild statements?


The law minister had made a statement that the laws have to be made stringent. Fine.

What are you waiting for Mr Law Minister?

Please show some political will please.

I will not accept any argument that “we are looking at it””we have formed a committee” etc.

Mr Minister, when the MPs wanted the increments, it took less than five minutes to get the bill passed.

Modi's Gujarat outperforms in agriculture too

Gujarat’s economy has been outperforming the rest of the country since 1990. However, this has been largely because of rapid industrial growth, not agriculture.

But Narendra Modi has done it in agriculture too. Since 1990, Gujarat's agricultural economy has clocked a 9.5% annual growth, three times the national average. In fact in wheat and pulses, the growth rate nearly doubled, and in cotton, it has jumped over 3.5 times.

According to a study published in the Economic and Political Weekly, this has happened because the Gujarat government has aggressively pursued an innovative agriculture development programme by liberalising markets, inviting private capital, reinventing agricultural extension, improving roads and other infrastructure. A mass-based water harvesting and groundwater recharge movement has created a vast corpus of check dams, percolation ponds, boribunds and farm ponds that have increased the availability of groundwater.

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