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Divine Green Intervention

An NGO, Raunak Evam Jagruk Samaj Sanstha(REJSS), at SonBhadra district near Lucknow, holds Ramayana discourses and prayers for Llord Ram, and disburses saplings as prasad at the end of it. The project, started in June 2009 to inculcate the importance of environmental protection, showed hardly any results, till religion and environment concerns were mixed up...

Saplings are distributed as consecrated prasad to the devotees who attend the discourses with great faith, and later plant them as God's will. Earlier the project involved only school children, but now includes people from all walks of life. 18,000 saplings have been distributed so far.

REJSS collects funds for the saplings , door-to-door, where people contribute according to their earnings and capability.

Increase in the green cover of the state using religion must teach a lesson to those who use religion to divide.


manju said...

Very worthwhile project- and since the saplings are distributed as prasad, devotees will definitely plant them and and see that they thrive and grow.

BK Chowla, said...

I am certain that devotees will put them to use.

Smitha said...

This is such a lovely concept!

It is amazing, isn't it, how religion can help achieve quicker results! I guess, if all the temples could do the same, a lot of waste and environmental damage could be controlled.

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