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Bihar's leap from 'Rath' to 'Pushp Viman Yatra'

Believe it or not, but Bihar is well and truly in the 21st century.

Remember those 'ancient' times when political leaders used to go on 'pad yatras' to connect with ordinary people? And, later 'rath yatras', with politicians travelling in air conditioned vehicles dressed up a chariots?

An Independent MLA from Bihar, that rich state that's been laid waste by its politicians, is making a giant leap. He is planning to undertake a yatra of all the panchayats of the state in, yes, a helicopter, the modern 'pushp vimaan'.

His aerial yatra will take all of six months and will, naturally, cost a bomb, to meet which the MLA says he has sold his land for Rs 3-4 crores.

Good way to tour the state to avoid seeing poverty, deprivation, exploitation and death en route. And doing anything about it.

Another Futile Stage Managed Sting Op

For a couple of bucks Mutalik, head of the alleged Ram Sene would sell his soul.

The whole exercise seems so contrived that it looks completely stage managed. Consider the players in this drama that is being played out, ostensibly to shock the country and raise the war cry against "saffron vandalism".

Tehelka, a failed at "whatever he has done" organisation has pompously proclaimed themselves as upholders of truth. Hindustan Times, supposedly, at the forefront of fair journalism, but in reality the worst offender.  Third is Mutalik the self crowned of Hindu interests, a splinter group of unemployed and idle youths, funded by vested interests.

These three crooks get together and reach an agreement on doing a stage managed sting operation. Even the script seems to be written by HT-Tehelka.

Is this not blatant misuse of power of media to sway people with cooked up stories? 

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