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Australians are on killing spree for some time now.

We don’t seem to have a strong msg in our foreign policy.

MEA is making only statements; it is time that civil society takes up the matter.

Film industry should boycott Australia for location shooting.

Indians should boycott Australia as a tourist destination.

Travel agents should stop bookings to Australia as a protest.

All page 3 socialites should stop attending functions at the Australian Embassy.

Indians should have a social boycott towards Australians in India.

Our Foreign minister says that Indian students should not go to Australia to learn hair dressing or cookery. Well said, Mr Minister, but if Ministers like you stay in 5 star deluxe hotels they will demand such trained experts.

Can we expect any action from MEA?



Vinod_Sharma said...

India has the capability to send a strong message to not just Australia but other countries too by taking some or all the steps you have mentioned. This is not the diffident and still slavish India of the the fifties and sixties. But, I doubt whether our politicians and babus in the MEA have learnt how to stop trying to look nice and go beyond statements.

ramblingsbybones said...

If Australians were getting killed in India, I'm sure their FM would have banned them from entering our country and slapped on trade embargoes etc. ...Indian politicians are too soft - always trying to please esp. whites...

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