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It is now 12 days since Rathore got bail for his (mis) adventures.

This is the first time I am complimenting the media for seriously taking upon issue with objective in mind.

How many more FIRs are going to be filed, who will fight who’s case, who is being interviewed is all immaterial.

What is of prime importance is...What has the Govt done since last 12 days, except making wild statements?


The law minister had made a statement that the laws have to be made stringent. Fine.

What are you waiting for Mr Law Minister?

Please show some political will please.

I will not accept any argument that “we are looking at it””we have formed a committee” etc.

Mr Minister, when the MPs wanted the increments, it took less than five minutes to get the bill passed.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Yes the media has indeed done an admirable job in this case. As to the government, it is doing nothing new. It will keep making statements that pleas till the attention shifts to another subject. Then the courts and law will take over and the long grind will begin. Had Ruchika been a politicians daughter, Rathore would have been punished and banished 19 years ago.

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Akin to "anticipatory bail", citizens should demand "anticipatory jail" too, dont you think?

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