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Hazards of the day

We seem to be taking one step back for every three steps forward.

Chandrayan has landed on the moon, yet we superstitiously declare a holiday for schools on the day of the solar eclipse to avoid children "being exposed to the evil effects of the eclipsed sun."

Some of the more cautious (and sensible?) newspapers termed it as a holiday to enable the children to watch the celestial phenomenon.

The woman who comes to clean my house left early because she has to be safely at home before the Moon glides in front of the Sun.

I wish we could really put the education that we get, into practice!


manju said...

It's true that some people are still superstitious, but not all. It's more curiosity than fear, I think...

BK Chowla said...

It is a clash of interests between the scientists and astrologers.
And of course,it is one's belief if not superstition.

R. Ramesh said...

ya superstition is ingrained in the minds of ignorant people..BTW, thanks a tonne BK ji 4 yr kind words...:)

Vineeta said...

:( Even I had my lunch after 3:30 because my frnd didnt want to have it during that time.. and I also smhow felt to not take risk!! But then I hv decided nw to chk out wats the real reason behind this fear.. I sm sure I will write my analysis on it.

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