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Just Empty Words as Reward for Cops in Gadchiroli

In Gadchiroli District, Maharashtra, over 50 policemen have lost their lives in encounters with the Maoists during the past one year. Police personnel show exceptional bravery in putting their lives on the line when on duty in this dangerous area.

Often announcements are made of rewards to these policemen in appreciation of their work. However, these rewards, though announced, have not actually been paid for the last four years.

'The total sum on this count which has piled up to a Rs 1.5 crore remains to be disbursed for want of funds'.

On the other hand, about 30% posts of Class l and ll government officials are vacant in Gadchiroli District because 'officials do not prefer going to the area due to security reasons'.


Vinod_Sharma said...

What a shame. A policeman bleeds to death on the road as an IPS police officers watches and does nothing. For four years, grassroots policemen are not paid their dues while the IPS brass having a blast and remains unpunished for its many failures that were exposed during 26/11. When leaders of a force get so disconnected from the men they lead, then the results, as we are seeing increasingly, can only be disastrous. What a shame.

Solilo said...

It never reaches them. Most of the times parents/widows of high officials have to run from pillar to post to get things cleared after their son/husband gets killed in such encounters.

Anonymous said...

What a shame, that's all I can say...

Solilo said...

A correction: replace 'high officials' with constables/jawans and even officers

BK Chowla, said...

It again boils down to corruption and lack of governance, accountability.
The policemen die for us and at the end their families are left to fend for themselves.I was told recently,that all the compensations which are announced even at accident sites,never reach those it is meant for.
No prize for guessing as to where the hell does it goes
If we look at it seriously the amounts are running into few 100crores.But we are blind to the going ons..

Happy Kitten said...

it is indeed sad.. and there are no NGO's to fight for such causes.. guess it does not have the usual glamour...

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