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Idiotic solutions

Maharashtra government thinks the KEM ragging incident may have been triggered by "3 Idiots", and the ministers will now watch the movie officially.

Can we also attribute womens' molestation and eve teasing incidents to the Bollywood movies which glamourize it ? Will the custodians of culture blame movies for the current women's fashions displayed on the ramps, with less fabric and more skin ? Will the ministers now watch fashion shows and movies to decide ?

What about excessive violence depicted in movies and often emulated ? Or do the movies actually show real life ? Will the ministers watch action movies for this ? Has the Home Minister of the state ever commented on the laughable depiction of the police in movies ? And done anything about it ?

Does reality blind you ? And do movies "educate" ?


manju said...

I have not seen the movie, but I have read the book- FPS. Personally, I do not consider the events described in the book suitable to be viewed by young children- however parents should perhaps be the judges of that.

And as you say, so many objectionable incidents are shown in movies that it would not be practical to ban everything. In any case banning is usually not a good option. For parents to view and discuss the film with older children may be a better option.

Ministers watching the film is laughable. They would do better to watch each other- so many objectionable incidents with regard to ministers' behaviour are being reported nowadays!

Vinod_Sharma said...

I think these ministers are excited by the phenomenal money that the film has made and the fact that a window has been opened up through the so-called review for them to extract money out of the producer! Remember what happened to Karan Johar?

These guys are like leeches, always on the look-out for a host.

Sorcerer said...

for the politicians this is an 'opportunity' to make statements and get some money.
I think they are really not interested in saving or making it safe for the younger generation at all.
c'mon we have seen enough mess up

life goes on..anyway!

BK Chowla said...

Problem with the picture is that it has made a lot of money.
In any corrupt and colonial system of govt,it is very natural for the sharks to look for any avenue.
They have got one.Matte will get "settled" soon.
In the meantime,will the CM please tell all his ministers to see all the movies that depict--honesty-governance-respect for law. They may learn a thing or two.

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Movies are:
Entertainment - That's it.
Actors - Actors - That's it.

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