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New Protocol for World Leaders

New Delhi is a busy capital of late with different world leaders scheduling their visits.

Whether this speaks of India's importance on the world stage as our media would like us to believe or  is  it more likely, the lure of lucrative contracts to supply us "latest" and horrendously expensive stuff.

These leaders have found a way to flatter the Indian psyche, lower our guard and walk away with contracts exceeding one hundred thousands crore rupees.

Earlier, a visit to Mahatma Gandhi's samadhi at Rajghat was de riguer. Protocol has added two new  items which seem mandated by the political leadership and media.

Every leader is expected to say that they strongly support India's entry to the UN Security Council as permanent member, 


issue stern warning to Pakistan to punish those involved in 26/11.

Is our leadership really so gullible?

Party Games

15 days of Parliament doing nothing has cost the nation 95 crore Rs. So habituated are the MPs across party lines to mopping up freebies for no work, that no one complains about the Centre dragging this wasteful session to its normal conclusion till Dec 13, 2010.

The crucial business of passing the supplementary demands of Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Railways got done on December 1 and 2 respectively. The final week of the sitting is going to be a mere formality.

Why? Sonia Gandhi's birthday on Dec 9. A session ended early will have most of the MP's of the ruling party back in their constituencies before that , and that cannot be allowed .

Izzat ka sawal hai...

Stay tuned for daily adjournments till Dec 13th.

We, the taxpayers , pay. For the party games .

What's New?.....Wikileaks Expose

We have been witnessing a huge controversy kicked up by the continuous flow of "behind the doors" information from Wikileaks.

Widespread interest has been generated and everybody is eager to get that juicy bit of diplomatic faux-pas.

What emerges from this episode is the identity of the true villain. It is the United States of America. It has long been known that USA has been the master of double-speak and always played India and Pakistan against each other.

Post 26/11, US help was forthcoming only because of American citizens killed. They had information on every previous terrorist strike but never shared.

What transpires now is India has been "back-stabbed" even here. Alas, one more time.

What's new?? We all can see it but our political masters do not want to....

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