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Modi's Gujarat outperforms in agriculture too

Gujarat’s economy has been outperforming the rest of the country since 1990. However, this has been largely because of rapid industrial growth, not agriculture.

But Narendra Modi has done it in agriculture too. Since 1990, Gujarat's agricultural economy has clocked a 9.5% annual growth, three times the national average. In fact in wheat and pulses, the growth rate nearly doubled, and in cotton, it has jumped over 3.5 times.

According to a study published in the Economic and Political Weekly, this has happened because the Gujarat government has aggressively pursued an innovative agriculture development programme by liberalising markets, inviting private capital, reinventing agricultural extension, improving roads and other infrastructure. A mass-based water harvesting and groundwater recharge movement has created a vast corpus of check dams, percolation ponds, boribunds and farm ponds that have increased the availability of groundwater.


manju said...

Nothing succeeds like success. What I like about the situation in Gujarat is that they don't bother explaining to disbelievers how they achieve such growth- they just go ahead and do it

BK Chowla, said...

Politics apart,it is time other states must learn from the administrative success of Gujarat.Even if it is not congress state,there is no harm them sitting with Modi to learn after all it is all about the country.

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