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Abhishek Quake

Grinning, in his High Court chamber, undressed Singhvi Abhishek,
In trust he thrust, but a secret camera caught his bare ass shake;
Fake! he raged, it's a private matter;
Press he gagged, couldn't internet chatter.
When people rage, no boss or judge can save you from the quake.

Sin Is In

Soliciting liars,
Sellers and buyers,
Bare-ass lawyers.

They care a hang,
Call us a gang
And India gang bang.

Many a scam,
They don’t give a damn,
We are just lamb.

Media they gag,
Opponents they bag,
The flag they shag.

Drop by drop,
Their pitcher of paap
Is a filling up.

But Sin is in,
They won’t give in:
We gotta break in.

Mr. Big Sugar

Mister Big Sugar is minister of agriculture,
He swoops down on big bucks like an old vulture,
Exports are a roaring,
Prices are a soaring
No sweat, plucking to the bone is 'Pawar' culture.

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