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Auto sales speeding ahead

The pick-up in the sales of autos is gathering further momentum, an unmistakable signal that the economy is on a strong revival path, earlier than expected.

In September 2009, top eight financiers had disbursed loans worth Rs 3,400 crores, 25% more than the average during the previous four months. In December, sales zoomed by 68% YOY, on top of a 61% surge in November.

Handsome gains in sales have been recorded in all segments - cars, two-wheelers, three-wheelers and commercial vehicles. With sales of commercial vehicles registering a phenomenal growth of 172% , there is little doubt that India's growth story is back on track. A 10% annual growth is very much possible within a couple of years.

Picture: The Times of India


manju said...

This is good news!

It seems though, that if we want this economic recovery to continue, we must be prepared for food-price-inflation to continue for a while.

BK Chowla, said...

Happy news makes most of us happy.

Happy Kitten said...

Guess a section of the society is surging ahead while another is pushed back.....

hopefully this distance will also be reduced..

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