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Jail : A "deemed" language institute

More than 4000 applications( State processing fee 1 lakh/taxi) for new taxi registrations have been filed in Mumbai. The State Government has just initiated a rule requiring State domicile of 15 years, and proficiency in Marathi for the new cabbies. Although the Taximens Union opposes this, it is useful to know that London Cabbies are tested on their knowledge of London streets before getting a permit. The names there are in English. So a perfunctionary knowledge reading/speaking Marathi would not hurt Mumbai cabbies.

Language learning needs time, but this rule , as it currently stands, will probably throw up one more scope for corruption, and false certificates will rule with impunity.

In the meanwhile, the lone captured terrorist from Faridkot, Punjab,Pakistan, has picked up enough Marathi in jail, to have conversations in Court with the judge in Marathi.

Kasa(b) Shikla ?


Vinod_Sharma said...

The main issue is not about language. It is about 15 years of living in Mumbai. By then Ajmal Kasab - he won't be hanged before that, given our legal process - would be able to say he is a Marathi Manoos and even seek Presidential pardon and a taxi permit - to transport tourists. He came as one, didn't he say?!

manju said...

BTW- the new rules are for the whole of Maharashtra. In fact the rule about 15 years domecile is an old rule- but not usually enforced.

The media has selectively talked about Mumbai cabbies.

Anonymous said...

The Languages should be included for a permit:
1. Hindi
2. Local Language
3. English (basic)

Specially for metros/big cities.

Vinod_Sharma said...

I am beginning to get the feeling that Maharashtra might just be the next West Bengal.

BK Chowla, said...

Ashok Chavan for the moment has changed his stand.
That is more due to the forthcoming elections in Bihar.
Whatever ,happens finally is not important--what is important is the mind set of the Congress party.
Unfortunately,Maharashtra is doing towards a very serious social and economic disaster.

R. Ramesh said...

BK ji..thanks 4 passing by..ya..u right many in delhi do not even have proper food or shelter..imagine this in the capital city...god bless us...:)

sm said...

In Maharashtra this rule is there from the year 1989, congress has done nothing new,this is nothing but making fool to citizens of India.

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