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Boost for Kerala Tourism?

Reading these reports from Kerala in the past few days, it is evident that special efforts are being made to boost the tourism industry in the state.

The pilot project of The Coconut Trail, an initiative of the Coconut Development Board (CDB), is being launched in Kerala this year.

The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation has announced special family tour packages for Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs).

The Kerala Tourism Ministry has tied up with the World Malayalee Council (WMC) to organise a "Discover Kerala" initiative, under which efforts would be made to familiarise delegates from the UAE with Kerala's tourism potentials.

At the same time we read-
The ruling LDF-sponsored dawn-to-dusk strike in Kerala on Saturday effectively closed down the state for a day.

Wonder how the boost in tourism will take place with strikes paralysing normal life in the state regularly.


Twenty fifth of June 1975 was the darkest day in the history of this country.

I don’t know how many readers here remember that awful period.

I remember, I have seen it and felt it.

Congress party lead by Mrs Indira Gandhi declared internal emergency in the country after a decision of the Allahabad High Court against her.

Most of the opposition leaders were jailed; Press was not allowed to function, freedom of speech was taken away, some close to congress took undue advantage of the situation and exploited it to the maximum.

A lot of institutions succumbed to pressure.

Famous saying goes—they were asked to crawl but part the media bent backwards.

The party in the last 35 yrs has not apologised to the nation, but the people gave a fitting reply to congress in the next elections.

I hope and wish that such a step is not taken again by any political party in India.

It was a very bad period for India, but we survived

Today is the 35th anniversary of internal anniversary


Who Benefits From the NREGS- the Rural Poor or the Liquor Barons?

The state of Andhra Pradesh got Rs 6,500 crore in 2009-10 to implement the The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), and will reportedly get Rs 10,000 crore for this financial year. An average rural family, employed under this scheme receives Rs. 6,000/- to 10,00/- a month.

This has had an unintended side effect: a record rise in the consumption of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) among poor rural families, all thanks to the unprecedented sums of money that the scheme placed in their hands.

This was reflected in the record bids made by the politico-realtor lobby for the two-year liquor licences across AP, last week.

In the auction for 6,596 liquor outlets, it was the rural districts like Mahbubnagar and Anantapur — considered backward and from where people migrated for work, but now beneficiaries of NREGS — which witnessed huge jumps from the previous bids.

A Nation at War With Itself

A great and ancient culture is how we describe ourselves. A land of milk and honey, a tolerant society which absorbed every invader and a spiritual atmosphere that pervades  every nook and corner....

Is this from a tourist brochure or from a leaf of the famed Huen Tsang, the famed Chinese traveller . All this seems at wide contrast to what we believe is reality today in our society and country.

Tolerance seems to have been blown away by the westerlies. Love is just a four letter word and harmony the name we give  a music album. We seem to be a bunch of highly competitive and unscrupulous people who worship Goddess Mammon.

Increasingly, a nation at odds, a nation at war with itself. Let wiser counsel prevail and  sanity be restored. This is a call of duty for all of us.

Different people , different money

Milk and cash is looted at night from a stall run by Achal Rane, a handicapped lady on the Mumbai Suburban Central Railway Kanjurmarg Station, and she is made to travel 4 stations away to the GRP police to register her FIR, as there is no money for offices at these other stations.

Meanwhile, Ashok Chavan, Maharashtra CM, takes off shortly, with senior officials, on a one-week 3-nation tour to study city infrastructure in LA, Singapore and Malyasia, to aid in the Mumbai Monorail project.

There appears to be money available for wasting. We have several renowned transportation experts here, and what works in LA may not work in Mumbai. The police still don't have adequate weapons, bullet-proof jackets, and even offices.

Our rulers excel at ignoring recommendations , rejecting reports, and expending funds....

Meanwhile, Achal Rane has no income...

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