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Curbs on Freedom?

Expressing one's opinion about the effects of Government policy seems to be a risky affair for writers in India! Anish Trivedi, a columnist for Mid-day was convicted by the special Prevention of Atrocities Act court on Thursday for making casteist comments in an editorial article written for the Mumbai tabloid in 2006.

The author has been handed over a sentence of six month's jail term and Rs. 25000/- fine for blaming the reservation policy for the bad condition of government offices!

Read about it here.

IMHO..psst psst ....come over and lets talk it over a cup of coffee, while we are still free to do so!

Justice on Demand?

With the courts burdened with cases, the aam aadmi seems to have ran out of patience due to delays and adjournments. "Tareekh pe Tareekh" is the common experience for those who need to seek justice in Indian Courts.

Not surprisingly, this 60-something Anil Tikotekar sent a cheque for Rs. 20000/- seeking one hour of the court's time. Not a big sum of money considering the difficulties he faced commuting to the court each time. But he had to apologise to the court and withdraw the letter.

Read about it here.

The lady has the drive - The Hindu news

I am aware that such a title could be greeted with a sarcastic "So what's the big deal? Aren't you women always vying for gender equality and such?"

But news of this kind always inspires and delights me.

Laundromat comes to India!

The Laundromat arrives in India!
This pay and use coin operated laundry service for public use is a concept popular in UK has made its debut in New Delhi’s Satya Niketan, which has 7000 rented flats – many of them foreigners. With consumers having to spend close to about an hour at the Laundromat, one wonders whether this idea would make it big time in our country? Mumbaikars spend that much time commuting to office! Imagine if they would need to travel with their dirty linen another half an hour just to wash them in public! I had the good opportunity to see how a Laundromat works without having to go abroad – I watched a Mr. Bean episode on TV – Rowan Atkinson (as Mr Bean) - at his very best - tells us how not to use a Laundromat, while others at the Laundromat show us how it really works!

Read about it here!

Indians meanwhile may be looking for a different kind of Laundromat which can clean up our politics - and corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and government officials! Need of the times, i guess!

First Asian Tidal Power Project in Gujarat!

India will set up the first Tidal Power Project in Asia - in Gujarat!

With its economy growing at a fast pace in relation to other economies, the power needs of the country will grow exponentially in the coming years. Clean energy forms and non-conventional sources of energy beckon the world, inviting us to try out harnessing such energy sources as Wind and Solar energy - for power generation options - offer us great potential in future.

It is therefore refreshing to know about the project to harness the energy in our tidal waves!

Ride the waves of change - Read all about it here.


Which political party in India needs to read this over and over again??

Embattled Government - A Sad Tale

GOI is fighting too many battles on too many fronts.  Some of these are internal within the Government and some within the party and allies.

If one analyses the situation, most of these battles have nothing to do with governance or its absence,  or  any matter of national  importance.

Sadly, most of these revolve around massive and brazen acts of corruption. This is compounded by consistent refusal of the Government to come clear and be transparent. The whole emphasis is on covering tracks, fudging facts, not going after the guilty until it is too late or have been forced into some action.

It is amazing that at a time when we need to focus all our energies to take India to a new level, our political leaders, industrialists and privileged populace have begun looting as if there is no tomorrow.

It is a sad reflection on our national character.

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