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Brothers born five months apart!

This can happen only in India. As per government records, two real brothers were born just five months apart around 58 years ago.

More surprising than this medical impossibility – there is no evidence to suggest that they were born to different mothers – is the fact that this glaring error has remained undetected for 37 years. No these guys are not Group 4 employees working in some remote corner where records are difficult to trace or link.

They are senior IPS officers of the 1973 batch. One is already DG of the BSF while the other is set to take over as DG CRPF and create 'history'!

The Home Ministry, on whose web site their dates of birth are available, is unable to explain this 'discrepancy' even now. This is real history!


Sandhya said...

I feel sorry for these persons. In olden days, we were particular about writing horoscopes with correct time, nakshatra, day, year, etc. While admitting children in school, the parents or whoever went with them, just give the approximate date! This has happened to me. I was admitted to school by our neighbour!

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