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Yeh Desh ki Dharti....

Exactly at the place Ajmal Kasab et al landed from the Arabian Sea, land is being reclaimed from the sea, by unknown entities. The Municipal Authorities, Collectorate and the State government deny any connection with it, although right next to it some Shore Protection Installations are being done by the PWD.

This was a result of an RTI filed by BJP MLA Tawde, whose staff member noticed the work. The application has been tossed around various departments like Urban Development, MSRDC, and the Port Development Department(PDD). The BMC gave an address for the PDD in Navi Mumbai, which turned out to be fake.

While this reeks of intentional ignorance of some activities, is it surprising that anyone can sail up from the sea and enter the city from anywhere ? With unmonitored landing places being created ?

God help us.


manju said...

Wow! Scary, indeed!

At the time of the terror attack in November 2008, there were rumours about local assistance to the terrorists. If Tawde gets an answer to his RTI request, perhaps we will know for sure?

Ugich Konitari said...

Tawde is an experienced Mumbai politician, an MLC. If he gets the run around finding details, the mind boggles at what/who is being protected in all this. This appeared in todays DNA. It might be worth watching what happens over the next few days. (Or doesnt happen)....

Vinod_Sharma said...

Plunderistan India has become. The more one discovers, the more one realises that something has fundamentally gone wrong with our nation.

BK Chowla said...


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