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The Caste Criteria

There are 397 members in the newly formed Bihar state committee of the Congress - and the most important criteria for their inclusion seems to be that of caste.

A section of the list released here in Patna on Wednesday, issued by the AICC headquarters and bearing the signature of AICC Bihar in-charge Jagdish Tytler, had castes — Kanyakubja Brahmin, Bhumihar, Chamar, Yadav, Maithili Brahmin, Muslim, Rajput — affixed to the names.

The visibly embarrassed Bihar state Congress chief, Anil Kumar Sharma, explained that copies of the lists had been distributed by mistake. They were meant for internal use only. However he stressed that every section of society had been represented in the new committee.

That would surely not be difficult with a 397 member committee? Or might the number of castes be more than 397?


Anonymous said...

Development rules currently And will rule.

BK Chowla said...

We are already divided on the basis of caste-region-religion---whatever.
Congress is now only showing the reality on paper and actions.
They don't seem to understand,it is not caste but the development work which is the basis of progress.
Nitish Kumar has proved this beyond doubt.

Vinod_Sharma said...

This is precisely why our democracy has become the sham it has. The arithmetic of a people divided has subverted the will of a people who are technically the sovereigns but remain the ruled.

Sahasi said...

Well said Vinod_Sharma.... until this we Indians unite as one we will never rule ourselves.. we will always be subjugated and have to struggle for a day-to-day existence...

Indyeah said...

There is a sadist in me that is going aha!knew it! at this very moment

and then there is anotehr voice that says this is the same old story...the Kaangressi way..not that the otehr parties are not guilty of it but the underhanded way the Congress has been doing this for decades just plain makes me fume! and then we ask and these netas too join in as to why is our country aflame with issues of states based on region/language??
how dare they ask when this is the ugly reality

Smitha said...

What else can we expect when everything is decided on caste based lines.. When representatives are chosen by parties based on the caste that they belong to and people seem to be voting on similar lines. Sad thing is that it seems to be so ingrained that most people seem to take it for granted.

Happy Kitten said...

nd they say they want to get rid of the caste system!

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