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The Bitter Taste of Honey

Apparently, Indian honey manufacturers sell contaminated honey domestically, while they export a cleaner variety. The Centre for Science and Environment has discovered different types of antibiotics in 12 brands of honey sold in India.

The Director of CSE, Sunita Narain explained "the beekeeping industry uses antibiotics to control and prevent outbreaks of diseases in honey bees, and as growth promoters to increase production."

These antibiotics are present in the jars of honey that find their way to our homes.

Interestingly, the honey which is to be exported is checked strictly, since antibiotics in honey are banned in most countries. However, in India, there are no domestic standards that the manufacturers have to comply with.

Sunita Narain says, "That stock which gets rejected for export since it is considered unsafe for consumption finds its way back to the domestic market."

Of smoke signals and what they signify

Some people still say, the smoke and burning smell from Delhi don’t mean there is a fire up there.

That the hyper-sterile western attitude claiming the Games Village is filthy isn't serious.

That it is okay for a ceiling or bridge to collapse, after all India is known for finishing things at the last minute. Like the grand Indian wedding, everything will fall into place when the Games begin.


If we take it on ourselves to invite a number of countries to participate in an event, we should ensure that our guests are comfortable. They aren’t mere tourists.

If the bridge collapsed five months before the event, we would probably have shrugged and said, It happens only in India

If you promise not to get agitated over the post and/or the comments, I’ll share this link with you.


Govinda - Withering Heights

Gokulashtami is celebrated in most parts of India with a lot of passion and more so in Mumbai. The Maximum City always overdoes itself and sets new benchmarks.

One does not mind raising the bar higher in productive matters. We Mumbaikars seem to have taken the first part of this literally and raised the bar, so to speak,  for the "makhan chors".

Announcing rich cash prizes, the "matki" was tied much higher. This required taller human pyramids with higher possibility of them crashing down with serious consequences.

The number of injuries have gone up exponentially and there are atleast four participants who shall never walk again. When the dust settles, will these "generous" donors also look after those crippled. I doubt it.
Time to call for celebrations with responsibility. Hope next year safety measures are adopted atleast voluntarily.

The Unwanted One

I was saddened to read this news report yesterday-

When Sitaram and Ramabai had their fourth child, a girl, they did not even want to think of a name for her and started calling her Nakoshi.That’s Marathi for the ‘unwanted one’.

A random survey conducted by the Satara district health department showed 222 girls named Nakoshi in the 0-16 age group.

Hearteningly, there have been efforts to change this distressing mindset of the parents of discriminating against daughters.

The district administration has a programme to educate the parents and to persuade them to rename the girls.

Dr Sudha Kankaria, who is associated with the project, says,“We are also asking couples to take eighth pheras instead of the traditional seven pheras during their wedding ceremony. The eight phera will be an oath they will not discriminate between a boy and a girl.”

We Love Chaos.....We are Chaos

India is the birthplace of chaos. Anything that can go smoothly will get derailed and finish with a lot of chaos as an accompaniment.
Our festivals are a chaos, our faith is chaotic, our life flow is a chaos. Infact, chaos has become an unique Indian trademark.

When chaos is our very nature then why do we pretend to prefer order. Why do we fear chaos or use every opportunity to bemoan chaos.

I believe that we should stop fighting chaos and dive headlong into it. Let us embrace chaos and allow it to permeate every cell in our earthly vehicles, our bodies.

For, life was born out of chaos, and it is a miracle that order of cosmic proportions is maintained as part of chaos.

The next time we see or read about chaos, move on with a smile and say...."That is Life".

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