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Late and Shameless solutions

Union Agriculture Minister Pawar says prices will start coming down within 8-10 days, now that the Cabinet has met urgently and taken steps.

What was he doing when Tur Dal reached Rs 116/Kg, Moong Dal was 100/kg, and sugar finally reached a half century ? With Potatoes , Onions and vegetables not far behind ?

Watching the graph ?

If the government had the solution in hand to control the prices in 8-10 days, why did they wait till today ?

Who made how much fortune in these days, and who was unable to feed how many young ones in these same days ? And if Mayawati was the spoke in the wheel, why shout about it only now ?

Will this be investigated ? And someone punished ?

And will this happen after every election ?


Vinod_Sharma said...

The government had everything in hand all along. And it seems it has kept it all that was snatched from the unsuspecting aam admi securely in the hand.

Who will investigate when the investigator himself is to be investigated? Who will punish when the one to call for punishment is the one to be punished? By the next elections, this will be forgotten completely. That lesson has been driven unambiguously by Maharashtra that went to the polls after 26/11.

BK Chowla said...

This case can be an an example for investigators.They are involved.Corruption-non governance-dishonesty are not the issues any more.Wait till congress wins the next election too.It is BJP who will lose not Congress who will win.
Problem is not congress-it is non existent BJP.

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