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The Lal Chowk, Srinagar terror transcripts of Jan 8, 2010 indicate how Pakistani handlers kept advising the terrorists holed up in the hotel. Conversations of Pakistani handlers with the 26/11 terrorists are already known. Simultaneously , there has been rocket firing by Pakistani troops across the border in Kashmir.

Are we waiting to catch another terrorist alive, so we can do court trials again for more than a year ? Will we build special facilities at a huge cost to house these terrorists ? Or are we preparing copies of transcripts to send to Pakistan , where they will probably have a good laugh over it ?

In which other country can people from outside , come in, attack, kill, destroy, again and again, and not be retaliated immediately ?

And we just analyze, report, and wait? For more? Again?


manju said...

Speaking of analyzing-

A group of youngsters from India and Pakistan is working on a “balanced” history textbook
here in Mumbai.
Aslam, a Pakistani member said. “During 26/11, there were strong statements from both countries against each other. But it was never mentioned that Pakistanis too were as hurt as Indians.”

Vinod_Sharma said...

There is evidently a concerted effort to mislead young Indians into believing that Pakistan has really nothing to with terror, that Pakistanis are our real friends and that the real enemies that India must guard against are actually Hindu communalists.

The 'Love Pakistan' call and this nonsense about 'balanced history' even as terrorists are continuing their deadly operations can only happen in India. These people are deliberately blind to the kind of poisonous history that Pakistani kids are growing up with. Those who are behind them are, to my mind, even more dangerous than those who hold AK47s

Ugich Konitari said...

I have no problem with a bunch of young people sitting together and looking at history with new eyes. But attacks and incursions into our territory with a motive of destruction cannot be carried out on one side, while we sit and listen to modified history. Military attacks must be dealt with militarily, and with speed.

Paksitan has already distorted history the way they teach it there. Can we not recognize an effort to get us to agree to the same history under the guise of peaceful people to people contacts etc ?

BK Chowla, said...

We are making a laughing stock of ourselves in front of the world community.We have no policy on handling and dealing with Pak---only silly statements.Tharoor has time to tweet about India's visa policy but has no time to tweet about Pak.Krishna makes some statements which are irrelevant. Historically,every time we have a terror strike,we suddenly turn Pak friendly and wait for them to attack again.
Last night there were rocket attacks from across the border.
What the hell-I think time now is to just strike back and strike hard.

sm said...

this will keep happening until and unless
we do not learn to vote and demand accountabality.

Happy Kitten said...

This same question.. (why are we not bombing the whole of Pakistan) was asked by my son while listening to the news and when I replied that it will kill many.. he wanted to know if there was no problem if the Indian soldiers are killed instead!(a childish question but not a childish answer though) I had no answer....

guess most of us are bent on having a peaceful solution (sadly this mindset seems to be set) and a diplomatic pressure on Pakistan was possible soon after Sep 11 but our leaders did not wake up and Pakistan continues to appear as the wounded country in need of sympathy and help....

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