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Khan, the multi-lingual 'Gandhian' terrorist

Ghulam Rasool Khan, an Afghan national with links to the Taliban was arrested in Purnia district on January 13 while planning to cross into Bangladesh.

That he has been in India for a long time is evident from the fact that he can speak many Indian languages including Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and English. American national Headley was clearly not an exception; our intelligence agencies are truly in deep slumber.

After being arrested and sent to jail, Khan had demanded that he be given two kg mutton and two kg chicken daily, since he was a habitual meat eater.

That he has learnt much more than Indian languages is evident from the fact that he refused to eat the vegetarian food of the jail and even threatened to go on hunger strike if his demand was not met! Gandhian terrorist!


BK Chowla, said...

Rasool Khan ,now will be another VIP to get extra security.
Is there any constitutional authority is in the country to question the intelligence agency for their goof ups?
Is it possible that Rsool, Headly do what they do--without the support of the local support?
Instead of police collecting Hafta, should they be not strengthening their base intelligence system?

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Gandhian with a twist, i guess. Gandhi was demanding only when it came to peace and harmony amongst people - not to partake of meat or lavish meals! These wayward criminals are addicted to the comforts of life. And they know how to get it in prisons too!

jamos jhalla said...

Can you call or tag a TERRORIST A GANDHIAN

Anonymous said...

The Title of this piece is disturbing. It spreads false information.
You could have said "Communist" Terrorist as they are more famous for Strikes.

R. Ramesh said...

recite Gayatri Mantra when angry..hahah..thanks 4 d idea BKji:)

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