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Budget - An annual farce

We have an annual ritual of presenting the annual budget of the Government of India on 28th February every year. Apart from presenting the accounts of the GOI, the budget has gained a level of importance far beyond what it deserves.

It has become the arbiter of our destinies and a dispenser of largesse to that group which danced and grovelled the best. It carries the ever-alive threat of additional taxes. Crumbs are thrown to the common man,  fancy jargon quoted as a measure of impressive success.

Today's budget has been no different. It perpetuates the practice of fudging accounts and window dressing them. One is led to believe that all is well.

When India eventually achieves its destiny as a economically advanced nation, the people of India need to be applauded and not an insipid and unimaginative Government.

For a change....applause...

P Manivannan, an IAS officer in Karnataka is allowing the public to watch what he is doing in his office by hooking up the CCTV in his chamber to his official website. Manivannan, the MD of the Bengaluru Electric Supply Company, BESCOM, has installed two IP enabled cameras in his office, and the public can see whatever happens there.

In this scam age, with his own Karnataka CM involved in one, this act has won great appreciation from the anti-corruption activists.

Cynics say this allows corruption outside the office. They should realize that they themselves can check that, and prevent it. This is a step in the right direction.

"Adarsh" would have been Adarsh, if we had the cameras installed. Unless of course, some folks changed the camera direction to suit themselves.

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