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Manmohan, the flying duck

Manmohan says he is Minister Prime and not a lame duck:
Would I have survived if so much blame I couldn’t well duck?
Reddy, media or Kalmadi,
They are all in Sonia’s rave party;
With BJP numb and Rahul dumb, wingless I am flying on luck!

Corrupt Politicians

Black clouds of corrupt politicians
Seem to have swallowed India’s sun,
The skies are a weeping at this turn,
But for them this river of tar is fun.

Sibal Society

We have a cabinet minister who thinks he's a big hero,
All because after every theft he avers the loss is zero,
Be it a bill or a dacoity
His answer is Sibal, not civil, society
Thieving leaders will save India, he says, not an honest tyro.

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