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Missiles, guns and robotic bomb-disposal units will be deployed in and around Mohali ahead of the diplomacy-laced India-Pak cricket encounter.

Thus screams TOI and other main stream media.

What are our leaders expecting?

When the match ends tomorrow, with no unpleasant incidents (let us all pray!), either India or Pakistan will win.

If Pakistan wins, will they arrest LeT founder Hafiz Muhammad Saeed or hand over to India the wanted terrorists?

And if Pakistan loses, does it mean they secure the right to export more terrorists? After all, we hurt them again did we not?

Has the whole nation gone bonkers over cricket or is it only me?

A CT-Scan 1000 Times more dangerous than a day in Fukushima

The earthquake and resultant Tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, have almost crippled the Fukushima Nuclear power plant. Radiation leaks from its reactors have not only brought terrible memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but have also raised fresh questions in India about the wisdom of using nuclear energy to generate power. Even though the situation appears to getting under control, fears continue to be stoked.

Ketan Panchal, a Twitter friend who is training to become a nuclear medicine physician , is concerned about the misinformation being disseminated and the panic being spread about the dangers posed by radiation leaks at Fukushima.

A single chest CT-scan, he says, gives one a radiation dose that is more than 1000 times what a full day spent in Fukushima town will. Should put many of us at rest and take the wind out of irrational opponents of nuclear power who are painting doomsday scenarios.

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