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Communist Doublespeak

CPM General Secretary, Prakash Karat, has magnanimously declared that party members 'can attend religious events organised by others'.

However they have to have to 'adopt a scientific outlook and abandon religious faith'.

He has instructed that 'party activists and people’s representatives should not conduct religious programmes nor should they observe religious rituals'.

He has further said, though, that 'they are not asked to abandon their faith or religious practices'.

Wanted:-An interpreter to decipher the meaning of all this.


Vinod_Sharma said...

The interpretation lies in the last sentence " they are not asked to abandon their faith or religious practices". Another "secular" fraud being peddled to secure Muslim votes. Commies know that Muslims will not abandon faith like they have done and as communism demands. So this crap is to win Muslim votes without losing the Hindu ones.

BK Chowla, said...

Communists have realised that they have no chance of coming back to power.Hence,like all other parties,they too are knocking at the Muslim doors.
Why can each party not understand that 85%Hindu votes are more than 15% ?

Happy Kitten said...

Now that they have lost Jyoti Basu (may his soul rest in peace), they are becoming more aimless and Karat is talking nonsense while expecting the mass to blv him...

but then again.. the voters are not given another choice...

Smitha said...

They are seriously confused. Totally unable to figure out how to modify their communist ideology to meet the ideology of vote bank politics.

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