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Limerick: Mister Big Sugar

Mister Big Sugar is our minister of agriculture,
Food prices are soaring because he is the vulture;
He says he will feed
The poor who do bleed,
We know; plucking to the bone ain't corruption-culture.


manju said...

After declaring that he is not an astrologer, he has now prophesied that prices will fall in ten days- we can but wait and pray!

BK Chowla said...

How I wish some one powerful and mighty powerful takes up this case and exposes those who are guilty.
It is not a normal case and needs maximum investigation and punishment.
But-I know nothing will happen--I am only trying to show my anger.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Manju, he seems to have everything neatly charted out. He'll play to win and rake in till the heat gets too much; he knows no on can dare to remove him or move against him in the government. BTW, I have changed the last line a bit.

BK Chowla, who can do it? This is one of the gravest flaws of our model of democracy. In a coalition, one man can take the govt and the country for a ride and no one can touch him. Things are only going to get worse.

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