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I am not against anyone who is mentioned in this post.
I am just curious.
How is that some of the artists who come to India, manage to stay back?
A case in point is, Adnan Saami.
Naturally, he is staying here legally, but how? Is he on work permit? How long is that applicable for?
Who has got him the work permit?
But is he not working independently?

Under which law has he been permitted to buy immovable property/ies in India?
Whatever little knowledge I have, those who are not Indian citizens, cannot buy immovable property in India.

Are such people entitled to get a PAN card?
What can happen if one such person decides to marry an Indian girl?
I am a fan of Saami, and curious.
A lot of performers are in India for years together.?


Vinod_Sharma said...

There are many such uncomfortable questions that no one wants to ask. I think some people have managed to convince the rootless leadership of a major political party that pandering to Pakistanis and going soft on Pakistan is its ticket to electoral success. Indira Gandhi must be weeping up there.

BK Chowla, said...

Vinod Sharma, but won't any right thinking person will ask these uncomfortable questions?
Where are we going wrong?
What is stopping the leadership to take corrective steps?

ramblingsbybones said...

Mr.Chowla...Foreign citizens can buy immovable property in India...They can also inherit...Sami, Katrina Kaif etc. re all here on work visas and they pay taxes...I have foreign friends living and working in India who have bought property too...Now the only reason I think you are asking this question is because Sami is a Canadian-Pakistani...What about all the foreigners working in the corporate sector?

ramblingsbybones said...

I have no problem with foreigners in India as long as they are there legally...I have a problem with illegal foreigners in India who have been encouraged to remain and even been given voter ID cards for votes...WB is a prime example of this...Illegal Bangladeshis, Nepalis etc. should not be allowed to enter the country but there's no political will to stop them...

BK Chowla, said...

ramblingsbybones, Thank you--I said I was only curious.
I read in one of the news papers that RBI has hauled up Sami for having bought immovable property in India illegally.May beI am wrong---but you may like to check,not that it matters to you.
I thought,a work permit can be obtained for an employee--it doesn't seem so in this case.Perhaps,I was not right.
Yes,even I am very angry about Govt's attitude on illegal Bangladeshis.But,as long as the country's political parties continue to play with minority appeasement and vote bank politics, we can not get rid of this nuisance---may we can get rid of the voting them out of power.
Not only WB,even ASSAM is an example.When I visited Guwahati last,I was shocked to see state of affairs.They say,thse fellows cross over from the almost unprotected ,open border and become ricksha pullers,then apply for a voter ID.(there is money transaction) BINGO there you have another Indian citizen.

BK Chowla, said...

Sorry,read it as,not that it matters to me----instead you

ramblingsbybones said...

There is no border fence in a lot of places between WB and Bangladesh...People just walk over...Yes, in Assam it's a problem and that's why they hate Bengalis even the Indian ones...

ramblingsbybones said...

Mr.Chowla, you made me curious too...I went to the RBI/FEMA website and from what I understood, foreigners of non-Indian origin can acquire immovable property in India except for agricultural land, plantations and farm houses if they fulfill the residency requirements according to FEMA...However, citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal or Bhutan cannot acquire or transfer immovable property in India, (other than on lease, not exceeding five years) without prior permission of the Reserve Bank...So, I don't know what the problem with Sami was...Either he has dual Pakistani nationality or he bought property without RBI's permission...

BK Chowla, said...

ramlingsbybones, I have absolutely no problem with SAAMI.
I do know that RBI has objected to his having bought property which is under explanation.
Yes,and what happens when such a person marries an Indian girl? There is a reason when I ask this question and can raise a lot of unpleasant sub-questions.
Thank you for giving me the feed back ,thanks,

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