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Asha Kiran Complex, is for the mentally challenged and is managed by Social Welfare Dept of the Delhi Govt.where 13 inmates have died in one month.

Human Rights team is said to have observed “an overcrowded cage with conditions worse than the national zoos”

The complex is meant for 350 but has about 720 inmates.

The Delhi commission for protection of child rights has issued a notice to social welfare deptt. It has submitted an inspection report stating 75 inmates have died between 2004-08.

One inspection report is said to have stated that children suffer from TB, and skin diseases. This was due to lack of hygiene, sanitary condition besides overcrowding.

Children with TB were not kept in isolation rooms either.

So much for Delhi Govt efforts to take care of India’s “FUTURE”

This govt has been voted in three times.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Perhaps the definition of mentally challenged need to be challenged.

sm said...

yes i agree with vinod.
we need to change our thinking

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Private charitable institutions and NGOs is the only way i see as a solution going forward.

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