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Need and Greed

Weeding out bogus Ration cards in Mumbai, the authorities asked people to submit their cards for renewal with proofs, before Dec 31, 2009. Several people still are unaware of this. The Rationing Authority's jurisdiction extends all the way beyond Navi Mumbai, and the staff strength available is only 1200, to serve 3, 39,65,000 cardholders. The government has no funds to upgrade these services. The illegal immigrant problem in Mumbai is a direct result of the ease with which new ration cards can be obtained.

Meanwhile, Pravin Mahajan, killer of MP Pramod Mahajan, lies comatose in a pricey private hospital, even on parole expiry, his family has applied for financial aid , and the government says it is considering helping on humanitarian grounds.

Just wondering what the government's definition of "needy" is .

And where all the money is .


BK Chowla said...

The attitude of the Govt not only in this case but in so many more cases is very clear.
Funds is not the problem,it is their mind set.
When it comes to any benefit for themselves or their fraternity, political class is very generous.
Governance has always taken a back seat.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Praveen Mahajan will get aid not on humanitarian grounds but to say "thank you". His bullets did more perhaps for the Congress-NCP alliance than anything else.

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