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Cash Crunch

CWG OC is facing a 'cash crunch' apparently. Yes, you read that right.

Minister Jaipal Reddy, who heads a GOM in charge of managing the Games has written to the Army on August 11, asking that it waive its 11 crore bill. Effectively the Army will have to dip into the Defence Fund. Even medical professionals about 400 of them will not be paid.


They are serving the nation and therefore should not expect to be paid, say the members of the CWG OC. If they are serving the nation, what then, Mr Kalmadi, are those who are being paid -- those who are paying themselves – doing?

Veteran athletes like Milkha Singh are livid at the way things have panned out.

CWG. A once proud dream dreamt by every Indian that has been made a mockery of.

Chor hi chor !

And you thought judges sat in judgement over crimes !

Seven judges of the Andhra Pradesh State Subordinate Judiciary, were suspended by the High Court for mass copying during their LL. M exams at the Kakatiya University at Warangal. These worthies were Senior Civil judges , district judges and a few advocates who were doing this course through the distance education facility.

The authorities were tipped off about this and caught them red handed.

The judges’ answer sheets and "printed notes" have been seized and won't be evaluated.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court Chief Justice, Mr Nisar Ahmad Kakru, needs to be applauded for immediate action.

Just curious. How many more ? And these guys sat in judgement over thieves and cheaters ?

Will they frame the suspension order and hang it in each courtroom to deter others ?

Producing Champions- sans facilities, sans funds

For the past 28 years, Karsanbhai Patel has been teaching the children of his village to swim. There is no swimming pool in the village, just a lake. The water is not very clean, and there are no changing rooms.

But this doesn't stop the children, nor their dedicated teacher. The swimming lessons continue even in winter when the water is chilly.

Sometimes Karsanbhai gets small donations from well-wishers, and he uses the money to buy swimming equipment for the children.

Despite the hardships, over 200 children from the village have participated at the state level and 45 have made it to the nationals.

Something to ponder on- particularly in the present times, when, with each passing day, the morning newspaper is filled with more and more controversies regarding the Commonwealth Games.

Truckloads of explosives absconding which were sent like truckloads of bananas!

Sagar, MP: Over 300 tonnes of explosives sent from a govt-owned factory in Dholpur loaded in 61 trucks, have gone missing in Madhya Pradesh. Ganesh Explosives's licence, the company which was to receive the explosives, had expired in March itself.

How do they allow the Govt. Agency to send such a huge load of explosives without any sort of security? Why can't they send in 5 or ten trucks with a gap in-between?

In 2008, detonators used in the blasts in Surat were also made in the same Dholpur factory.

Where have they landed now, in the hands of Mao'ists or Kashmir terrorists? This incident is happening inside India to hurt our own people.

Tomorrow is our Independence Day!

Colliding Ships.....A Disaster With Serious Implications

Mumbai has been in limelight for wrong reasons. First the malaria epidemic and now two large ships colliding and spilling oil and cargo in the seas around us. Apart from pollution, this has exposed a dangerous chink in our armour.

With MSC Chitra listing dangerously, containers could not defy gravity and they clogged a critical waterway for five days. The oil spill damaged beaches till about a 100kms away and destroyed large tracts of mangroves. All marine food will be viewed with suspicion for times to come.

It almost brought Mumbai to its knees. A lot of petroleum products come to Mumbai by the sea-route. Supplies were low and had the water channel remained blocked for a week more, we would have been in deep trouble. Officials deny this but surely we are exposed and vulnerable to devious forces and they  now know this gap.


CWG corruption allegations are at it's peak.
Does any one need more backup?

pic courtesy times now service

Scraping the bottom

The Commonwealth Games people defend their outrageous expenditures, accuse media, and explain buying 100 roles of toilet paper for Rs 3750, @37.50 each. No explanation forthcoming for crores spent and immediate payments made by the Chairman's special order, , so someone running with a baton in front of Buckingham palace, does it in style.

In the meanwhile, NGO's entrusted with rounding up and housing the cows and bulls on Delhi's roads, stopped doing that because the authorities stopped paying them, citing a money "crunch". Rs 25 per animal. MCD gives Rs 20, the state , 5.

Depends on who was crunching the money.

This is how "low" we have sunk.

Using Facebook to Catch Traffic Law Violators

The Delhi Traffic Police have started a Facebook page which has become immensely popular.

Delhi residents enthusiastically post photos there, photos of people on motorcycles without helmets, cars stopped in crosswalks, drivers on cell phones, drivers in the middle of illegal turns.

In two months, Delhi Traffic police have issued 665 tickets, tracking down violators by the license plate numbers caught in the photos.

The police are aware that people might use the site to settle old scores and that photos could be manipulated. However Delhi’s joint commissioner of traffic, Satyendra Garg says 'drivers can contest the tickets if they feel they were wrongly issued'.

He also says “We advise while you are driving not to take a photo of a fellow driver who is breaking traffic laws. Using a cell phone camera while driving is in itself a violation.”

Let million flowers bloom....under flyovers...

The CommonWealth Games 2010 in Delhi, are a lesson in "How people never learn". Headed by Politicians for the sole purpose of doling out contracts, and forming committees , one would have expected the Delhi Police to be an integral part there. But NO.

43 lakh flower pots have been bought for 30 crores, for the sole purpose of beautification of the Games venues. The Delhi police have now written objecting to their placement as a security risk. 50 lakh plants are on order, with 8 lakh plants from Vizag and Dehradun, at a cost of 135 crore.

The Delhi administration says these will now be placed below flyovers. Artificial sunlight providers must be licking lips in anticipation.

Incidentally , is Jyoti Singh of Bihar Congress in Delhi ? Or has she been banned by the CWG Organizing commitee ?

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