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Truckloads of explosives absconding which were sent like truckloads of bananas!

Sagar, MP: Over 300 tonnes of explosives sent from a govt-owned factory in Dholpur loaded in 61 trucks, have gone missing in Madhya Pradesh. Ganesh Explosives's licence, the company which was to receive the explosives, had expired in March itself.

How do they allow the Govt. Agency to send such a huge load of explosives without any sort of security? Why can't they send in 5 or ten trucks with a gap in-between?

In 2008, detonators used in the blasts in Surat were also made in the same Dholpur factory.

Where have they landed now, in the hands of Mao'ists or Kashmir terrorists? This incident is happening inside India to hurt our own people.

Tomorrow is our Independence Day!


manju said...

A very sorry state of affairs indeed! And one wonders how Indians could allow themselves to be involved in such a large theft of explosives, knowing that they will probably be used aginst our own countrymen....

Vinod_Sharma said...

This is shocking indeed! Unbelievable. Can only happen if many officials in both states are involved and have lined their pockets. Their greed has made them forget that it might one or more of their own who might lose their lives if it lands up with the wrong people who love to kill the innocent.

BK Chowla, said...

My standard question of accountability.
There is something wrong in this case---how can 61 trucks carry over 300tons?
Why no FIR has been filed yet?
Who owns ganesh explosives?

R. Ramesh said...

BKC Sir Happy Independence Day:)

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