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Cash Crunch

CWG OC is facing a 'cash crunch' apparently. Yes, you read that right.

Minister Jaipal Reddy, who heads a GOM in charge of managing the Games has written to the Army on August 11, asking that it waive its 11 crore bill. Effectively the Army will have to dip into the Defence Fund. Even medical professionals about 400 of them will not be paid.


They are serving the nation and therefore should not expect to be paid, say the members of the CWG OC. If they are serving the nation, what then, Mr Kalmadi, are those who are being paid -- those who are paying themselves – doing?

Veteran athletes like Milkha Singh are livid at the way things have panned out.

CWG. A once proud dream dreamt by every Indian that has been made a mockery of.


Vinod_Sharma said...

They are asking the Army and doctors to pay possibly because they will have to pay them the amounts in full, no mega cuts possible!

Having worked so hard to make such a success of Their Wealth Games(TWG), why should they lose even a penny to those can only serve the nation and not them?!

BK Chowla, said...

It is the team Kalmadi who is responsible for the complete mess, corruption,inefficiency and mismanagement of the games.

Sandhya said...

In CNN IBN's Devil's Advocate programme, Sheila Dixit, colly says that everything is alright.

Our CWG committee is swallowing money from all sides, no area is left out! And they have become so greedy that they want the Olympic Games also to be conducted in India!

R. Ramesh said...

bkc sir...thanks:)

R. Ramesh said...

A once proud dream dreamt by every Indian that has been made a mockery of..for years now...if i may add:)

Indyeah said...

@Vinod Sir, B.K Chowla, Sandhya,R. Ramesh

The feeling one has is such a helpless one. Can it get any more blatant?
Any more in our face?

All of this was present earlier as well. And probably worse cases have happened.

But the sheer gall of these people is disgusting!
International event , crores at stake not to mention the country's image and what do these guys do?

Corruption in public now..defend it..flaunt it...ask for tax exemptions..exemption from any checks whatsoever.....

the farce is out in the open...

Just repulsed.

@Vinod Sir
haha! TWG is a good one!

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