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Scraping the bottom

The Commonwealth Games people defend their outrageous expenditures, accuse media, and explain buying 100 roles of toilet paper for Rs 3750, @37.50 each. No explanation forthcoming for crores spent and immediate payments made by the Chairman's special order, , so someone running with a baton in front of Buckingham palace, does it in style.

In the meanwhile, NGO's entrusted with rounding up and housing the cows and bulls on Delhi's roads, stopped doing that because the authorities stopped paying them, citing a money "crunch". Rs 25 per animal. MCD gives Rs 20, the state , 5.

Depends on who was crunching the money.

This is how "low" we have sunk.


manjujoglekar said...

Evidently politicians have priotities which are different from those of the 'aam admi'! Lining their own pockets via public expenditures comes at the very top of the list...

Vinod_Sharma said...

You can be sure that before the CW Games start, there will be another contract out for rounding up cows and keeping them. And going by what they have paid to get toilet paper and other items, don't be surprised if the amount paid for the job exceeds the price of a cow!

BK Chowla, said...

I don't buy this explanation about toilet rolls.Let them confirm either the length of the roll or the wt of the roll.That is where the catch is.
I am saying this with authority as I have sold toilet rolls for more than 5yrs.

Sandhya said...

Will any top leader read these lists? But like Karunanidhi said 'we should allow the party cadres to make SOME money, otherwise they will not work for the party/stick with the party'!

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