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Let million flowers bloom....under flyovers...

The CommonWealth Games 2010 in Delhi, are a lesson in "How people never learn". Headed by Politicians for the sole purpose of doling out contracts, and forming committees , one would have expected the Delhi Police to be an integral part there. But NO.

43 lakh flower pots have been bought for 30 crores, for the sole purpose of beautification of the Games venues. The Delhi police have now written objecting to their placement as a security risk. 50 lakh plants are on order, with 8 lakh plants from Vizag and Dehradun, at a cost of 135 crore.

The Delhi administration says these will now be placed below flyovers. Artificial sunlight providers must be licking lips in anticipation.

Incidentally , is Jyoti Singh of Bihar Congress in Delhi ? Or has she been banned by the CWG Organizing commitee ?


manju said...

Presumably the Bihar MLA would not fling flowerpots at the Commonwealth games, since they are being organised by her own partymen.

But then that fact didn't stop the protests of other senior leaders of the party!

Vinod_Sharma said...

This game is all about pots...flower pots, crack pots,gold pots, jackpots, shot pots, not puts...

BK Chowla, said...

Whatever is happening CWG is a matter of utter shame to every Indian.It only proves that we are the most corrupt nation in the world.
Considering, the world is concerned about internal security and our organisers did not even take Delhi police into confidence.
That was a good pick on cong Jyoti

Sandhya said...

We are supposed to be a third world country with millions of poor people even now, which is ready to spend crores of rupees for beautification!

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