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Chor hi chor !

And you thought judges sat in judgement over crimes !

Seven judges of the Andhra Pradesh State Subordinate Judiciary, were suspended by the High Court for mass copying during their LL. M exams at the Kakatiya University at Warangal. These worthies were Senior Civil judges , district judges and a few advocates who were doing this course through the distance education facility.

The authorities were tipped off about this and caught them red handed.

The judges’ answer sheets and "printed notes" have been seized and won't be evaluated.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court Chief Justice, Mr Nisar Ahmad Kakru, needs to be applauded for immediate action.

Just curious. How many more ? And these guys sat in judgement over thieves and cheaters ?

Will they frame the suspension order and hang it in each courtroom to deter others ?


BK Chowla, said...

We are breaking all records of cheating, corruption and chori.Can some one name one dept in this vast nation which is not dying of disease called corruption and cheating.No wonder, we are amongst the most corrupt nations in the world.

Appu said...

:-)) - And I had a laugh - What about you?

manju said...

I don't think we can sink any lower!

Sandhya said...

No morals anywhere now, in our country! Mr. Kakru is great, one exception?!

R. Ramesh said...

Thanks BKC 2 consoling myself that the thieves did not harm my daughter or her classmates..the funny thing sir is that area near pune has been train-robbery prone for come nothing is being done??

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