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The IPL saga

Much has been said on Lalit Modi and his alleged shenanigans. Trial by media convinced many of his mea-culpa.

It is astonishing that the powers slept for three years and woke up only when the moneys involved appeard sufficiently attractive to invite political meddling.

Much of the allegations do not cut ice and the effort smacks of sheer opportunism.

Let us not forget that IPL is a rare Indian idea that's a "runaway success". The white man is shouting "sour grapes".

Holding the second edition in South Africa was a master stroke and created goodwill that a hundred years of staid diplomacy would'nt. All this when the GOI would not assure adequate security.

We have succeeded, once again, in scuttling a brilliant effort at revolutionising sports in India. Would it be a blessing in disguise if LM now takes up hockey or football.

Is there something else beyond the obvious?


Govt has created a record of sorts today by arresting three senior officers.
It seems that no civil service in India which is free of corruption.

Take a look-----------




Does anyone know as to where are we heading towards?
How and when, if at all, will we become a corruption free country?
Can we, the common man, do nothing?

An Exercise in Futility

Transport Minister Kamal Nath said on Monday that in the current fiscal year, India will build only 12/13 km of road per day, in place of the target of 20 km per day.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that building infrastructure will be crucial for India to achieve a growth rate of 10 percent in the next few years.

One wonders how India will be able to build up this infrastructure when so many km of built roads are regularly being dug up.

June 2009- The Maoists and their tribal supporters dug up roads.... to prevent the security forces from advancing.

Sept. 2009- the PSBJC supporters have reverted to their earlier method of protesting — digging up roads and felling trees across them .

It seems to be an exercise in futility, building roads only to have them dug up!

Non cricket sports : RIP

Eight archers from Naswadi, tribal region in Gujarat, wanted to attend the Archery Nationals in Guwahati, Assam, prior to the CWG Games. All eight are below the poverty line, some of them orphans, and their parents took loans on interest, broke lifelong savings and sold their only houses to raise air fare from Ahmedabad to Guwahati. At the most , it may earn someone a place in the National team. But they certainly play for regional and national pride.

In the meanwhile , shameless IPL/BCCI are spending outrageously flying everywhere, daughters of ministers are ordering charters, others lay out $370 million to buy a team, $750,000 to buy a player and Rs 1 lakh for a catch in each match. They spend officially on cheerleaders, and have official IPL parties.

Guess which news never made Page 1? And which did .

What dream ?

Amidst all the bursting and breaking IPL corruption saga, Lalit Modi gets on to the stage, at the IPL Awards om 23rd April, and says "“Seventeen years ago, I had a dream. I want to thank everyone for allowing me to fulfill it,”.

What dream ? Of using a wonderful game, to buy and sell cricketers like cauliflowers, auctioning them ? Making a mockery of business ethics ? Of using his purposefully developed political clout to break rules and acquire assets ? Of introducing a totally unnecessary glamour aspect into cricket, using half clad girls, and parties for the players late at night ? Or was it a dream of acquiring riches untold through IPL, which allowed him to decide who could own teams ?

The Women's Bill stagnates . And Politicians are busy extracting their pound of dough from IPL.

Bihar to get high on Leechis

The leechi may soon be seen in a new avatar as two private companies are keen to use the fruit - that grows in abundance in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district - to produce wine.

Last year ICAR director Mangala Ram had impressed upon Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar that the state could increase its revenue by using the 'shahi leechi' variety of the fruit, largely grown in Muzaffarpur, for making wine.

Impressed by the proposal, the state government decided to set up plants in Muzaffarpur for this purpose.

Wine from the fruit would help leechi farmers as they would not be forced to sell leechis at throwaway prices.

About 70% of India's leechis are grown in and around Muzaffarpur and the number of farmers cultivating it has grown in the last decade. The numbers may soon hit a new 'high'!

We are waiting gleefully..

Modi has been fired up like a rocket and soon we shall see the sparks.

Lalit Modi has promised to disclose the ownership details of all teams in the Indian Premier League (IPL), as a nasty and escalating row opens with a bang between him and minister of state for external affairs Shashi Tharoor over the Kochi franchise puts the spotlight on confidential contracts and snowballs into a major political controversy. Such a disclosure has the potential to open a can of worms as it has been widely speculated that several political bigwigs and cricket board functionaries are silent investors in IPL franchises.

Of course we have Tharoor and his latest paramour on the sides for the media circus but if all go well then the nation shall get to know the rich owners of the various IPL teams.

We shall finally feast our eyes on not just our rich Ambani / the liquor baron /the bollywood stars, but the khadi wearing, people loving, people serving lot.

Although I may never watch an IPL game, let me offer my thanks to IPL Cochin team.

Yes we shall wait gleefully and would love to know why Sonia is distancing from Tharoor and why the BJP is demanding his resignation.

Source: Economic Times

Paisa and Khana

The Commonwealth Games will be held in New Delhi in Oct 2010. The cost of constructing the venues for the Games has already gone up 250 per cent, from Rs 1,000 crore to over 2,400 crore. And the final accounting has not been completed as yet.

Now, the Chairman of the CWG has spent Rs 29.29 lakhs on snacks , during the 57 meetings that have been held so far. That amounts to Rs 51,385.96 spent on eating and drinking during every meeting. Assuming there are 50 members in the committee and 50 extra assisting , it is mind boggling to realise that they have been busy eating on an average Rs 500 worth of stuff, each, in each meeting.

Meanwhile, athletes in camps across India, continue to crib about inadequate facilities, unacceptable food and water, and careless and intimidating management.

70 lives in a day

The nation should weap since this was foretold yet no action was taken instead we are busy fixing the match of Sania!

Why is that our nation takes interest only if it is a terrorist attack?

Have we not lost more lives to the naxals?

Aren't the lives of our policemen and others valuable?

I think it is time Maoists are shown the door. They don't want talks since they seem to have an agenda of their own. Stop them before they sacrifice more tribals for their cause.

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