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70 lives in a day

The nation should weap since this was foretold yet no action was taken instead we are busy fixing the match of Sania!

Why is that our nation takes interest only if it is a terrorist attack?

Have we not lost more lives to the naxals?

Aren't the lives of our policemen and others valuable?

I think it is time Maoists are shown the door. They don't want talks since they seem to have an agenda of their own. Stop them before they sacrifice more tribals for their cause.


Anonymous said...

Home Minister P Chidambaram said something must have gone "drastically wrong."-That is putting it mildly.

Very shocking. How is this different from a war?

BK Chowla, said...

The problem is that the Govt has no clue as to what is happening.Are the Naxals more prepared than the state? What is our strategy to deal with this ?
Why are we shying away from taking help from experts like K P S Gill and Kiran Bedi?
This is no time for emotions and politics. It is a serious issue.

Born to Travel said...

What is the problem with naxals what do they want?
What is the Indian government doing? They should send the special forces in. I see the Naxal are more of a threat than Pakistan

God bless india

Happy Kitten said...

The naxals have managed to convince a few that their fight is a noble one.. a fight for the poorest of India, a fight against Government's apathy...

But the naxals have crossed all limits and their agenda seems to be sinister.. it is time for action.. against the naxals and for the tribals/the poor in the country...

Yes.. may God be with our nation..

R. Ramesh said...

thanks 4 continuing to motivate the blogworld BKC sir

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