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What dream ?

Amidst all the bursting and breaking IPL corruption saga, Lalit Modi gets on to the stage, at the IPL Awards om 23rd April, and says "“Seventeen years ago, I had a dream. I want to thank everyone for allowing me to fulfill it,”.

What dream ? Of using a wonderful game, to buy and sell cricketers like cauliflowers, auctioning them ? Making a mockery of business ethics ? Of using his purposefully developed political clout to break rules and acquire assets ? Of introducing a totally unnecessary glamour aspect into cricket, using half clad girls, and parties for the players late at night ? Or was it a dream of acquiring riches untold through IPL, which allowed him to decide who could own teams ?

The Women's Bill stagnates . And Politicians are busy extracting their pound of dough from IPL.


Anonymous said...

He is very correct - Dream fulfilled And no sleep currently.

BK Chowla, said...

I would rather wait for the results of the investigations.
Modi did not promise to take us all to a religious discourse, A Kirtan .IPL is a business transaction and is being run as a business. Isn't exactly that is how BCCI is being managed.?

Anonymous said...

We all have different dreams...Modi dreamt of notoriety and money, he fulfilled it...

Vinod_Sharma said...

Well, for some of us, including ST, his dream may be a nightmare, but he was clear about what he wanted, everyone around him was clear that they wanted a pie too. Till the Tweet hit.

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