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Luscious Lichees In All Seasons Soon

Luscious Lichees are soon likely to be available all through the year. This fruit, which arrived in India from China via Myanmar in the 18th century, is presently harvested in May and June only and is grown mainly in Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

Scientists in the Lichee Research Institute, Muzaffarpur, have developed new varieties that can be planted in various agro-climatic zones and harvested in different months. Plants of Longan, the variety that can be harvested in August, have already been supplied by the institute to farmers. This light brown coloured Lichee will begin to bear fruits in just three years. Work on a January harvesting variety is also on.

If these efforts bear “Lichee”, not only will we enjoy it in all seasons, India may well overtake China to become the largest producer in Asia.


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