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Govinda - Withering Heights

Gokulashtami is celebrated in most parts of India with a lot of passion and more so in Mumbai. The Maximum City always overdoes itself and sets new benchmarks.

One does not mind raising the bar higher in productive matters. We Mumbaikars seem to have taken the first part of this literally and raised the bar, so to speak,  for the "makhan chors".

Announcing rich cash prizes, the "matki" was tied much higher. This required taller human pyramids with higher possibility of them crashing down with serious consequences.

The number of injuries have gone up exponentially and there are atleast four participants who shall never walk again. When the dust settles, will these "generous" donors also look after those crippled. I doubt it.
Time to call for celebrations with responsibility. Hope next year safety measures are adopted atleast voluntarily.


Himanshu said...

well its bad very bad i hate such things hope others too take a lesson

Anonymous said...

These celebrations, and the competition for breaking the matki, should be light-hearted fun.

Instead now the dominance of politicians in the celebrations has 'raised the bar' of unhealthy competition.

Vinod_Sharma said...

I fully agree with Manju. The sense of fun must remain central to the celebrations. Disturbing to hear about those four boys whose lives have been shattered. There needs to be a cap on the money being paid out and the height of the matka. Is insurance in place?

BK Chowla, said...

I have been a witness to Govinda celebrations in Mumbai for a number of years.In the 80s, it was very clean, well meaning, sincere and a bonding thread.The problem began when Congress started to announce(discretely) handi amount and then one could not stop Balasaheb to jump in the field.
Now, it will never cahnge

Mavin said...

It is a status symbol and a bragging point. The height of the handi and the quantum of cash prize.

It is still great fun. One can spend hours having a great time watching the merry dancing and watching all those "tolis" going from one spot to other.

Apart from the height and prize money, is the problem of alcohol and rampant eve teasing. Now add serious accidents. I hope this is stopped at some stage before it gets out of hand.

R. Ramesh said...

omg...scary to hear this..hope the authorities take note..poor guys give their life for money...THANKS 4 Highlighting this:)

R. Ramesh said...

:) thanks boss

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