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Of smoke signals and what they signify

Some people still say, the smoke and burning smell from Delhi don’t mean there is a fire up there.

That the hyper-sterile western attitude claiming the Games Village is filthy isn't serious.

That it is okay for a ceiling or bridge to collapse, after all India is known for finishing things at the last minute. Like the grand Indian wedding, everything will fall into place when the Games begin.


If we take it on ourselves to invite a number of countries to participate in an event, we should ensure that our guests are comfortable. They aren’t mere tourists.

If the bridge collapsed five months before the event, we would probably have shrugged and said, It happens only in India

If you promise not to get agitated over the post and/or the comments, I’ll share this link with you.


Jeena R Papaadi said...

The reason why I shared the link at the end of the post is to show what the issue is capable of developing into.
(I could not add that too without exceeding the 140 characters!)

Himanshu said...

its bad we need sequel of Rang De Basanti or Hindustani by Kamal Hassan this time
& i love to take broom & clean up the mess

BK Chowla, said...

After the bridge had collapsed, our dear Sheila Dixit said that it was not meant for the athletes and only for aam aadmi.
So long as aam addmi dies, it is OK with her.
But, I think the issue is much serious than it seems.
Worst that can ever happen in any country is when people lose faith in the government.I am worried.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Theses guys have put the whole country to shame. When national pride is missing and plunder is the aim, this has to happen.

I hope the Games go off well. I also hope that afterwords these guys are taken to task. I know the first wish will be met,

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