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Justice on Demand?

With the courts burdened with cases, the aam aadmi seems to have ran out of patience due to delays and adjournments. "Tareekh pe Tareekh" is the common experience for those who need to seek justice in Indian Courts.

Not surprisingly, this 60-something Anil Tikotekar sent a cheque for Rs. 20000/- seeking one hour of the court's time. Not a big sum of money considering the difficulties he faced commuting to the court each time. But he had to apologise to the court and withdraw the letter.

Read about it here.


Mavin said...

Rajan Pillai escaped from Singapore so that he could face trial in India. The motivation was the frightfully slow pace of Indian justice system.

He could have led an almost "normal" life and move around as a free citizen.

Indian courts have such an awesome reputation. Our legal and judicial system needs to be overhauled and about 50% of the cases, which are flimsy should be settled through arbitration in a maximum of two months.

BK Chowla, said...

On a rough estimate, the present number of cases will take another 350 yrs to get settled.
Unless, judicial reforms are on fast tracks, we will have such incidents taking place more out of frustration than disgust

inquisitive-life said...

Indeed it is a long procedure with all rust on it. However, I still feel as per the number of cases that gets registered, it takes time.

And the judicial system is not corrupt, it's 'We the People' are corrupt.

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