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Laundromat comes to India!

The Laundromat arrives in India!
This pay and use coin operated laundry service for public use is a concept popular in UK has made its debut in New Delhi’s Satya Niketan, which has 7000 rented flats – many of them foreigners. With consumers having to spend close to about an hour at the Laundromat, one wonders whether this idea would make it big time in our country? Mumbaikars spend that much time commuting to office! Imagine if they would need to travel with their dirty linen another half an hour just to wash them in public! I had the good opportunity to see how a Laundromat works without having to go abroad – I watched a Mr. Bean episode on TV – Rowan Atkinson (as Mr Bean) - at his very best - tells us how not to use a Laundromat, while others at the Laundromat show us how it really works!

Read about it here!

Indians meanwhile may be looking for a different kind of Laundromat which can clean up our politics - and corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and government officials! Need of the times, i guess!


Vinod_Sharma said...

Yes! We need a different type of laundromat! Or, as some are saying,WCs. Time to flush out what is beyond cleaning.

Ugich Konitari said...

I agree we need a different kind of Laundromat. I just hope they dont have a Laundromat Organizing Committee,a Chairman and his minions. Onions to bridges and 31 storey buildings, we cheat on everything.....

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