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Embattled Government - A Sad Tale

GOI is fighting too many battles on too many fronts.  Some of these are internal within the Government and some within the party and allies.

If one analyses the situation, most of these battles have nothing to do with governance or its absence,  or  any matter of national  importance.

Sadly, most of these revolve around massive and brazen acts of corruption. This is compounded by consistent refusal of the Government to come clear and be transparent. The whole emphasis is on covering tracks, fudging facts, not going after the guilty until it is too late or have been forced into some action.

It is amazing that at a time when we need to focus all our energies to take India to a new level, our political leaders, industrialists and privileged populace have begun looting as if there is no tomorrow.

It is a sad reflection on our national character.


R. Ramesh said...

do visit dubai again bkc sir...cheers and best wishes always

BK Chowla, said...

Corruption in India has come to stage when it needs not medication but a serious surgery even at the risk of life.

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