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Different people , different money

Milk and cash is looted at night from a stall run by Achal Rane, a handicapped lady on the Mumbai Suburban Central Railway Kanjurmarg Station, and she is made to travel 4 stations away to the GRP police to register her FIR, as there is no money for offices at these other stations.

Meanwhile, Ashok Chavan, Maharashtra CM, takes off shortly, with senior officials, on a one-week 3-nation tour to study city infrastructure in LA, Singapore and Malyasia, to aid in the Mumbai Monorail project.

There appears to be money available for wasting. We have several renowned transportation experts here, and what works in LA may not work in Mumbai. The police still don't have adequate weapons, bullet-proof jackets, and even offices.

Our rulers excel at ignoring recommendations , rejecting reports, and expending funds....

Meanwhile, Achal Rane has no income...


Chandrika Shubham said...

Really sad story of Anchal Rane.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Did you notice that hardly anyone ever goes to China to learn anything? They keep going on holidays to other destinations, the stated objective being just an excuse to squander our money. That is little changes for the poor like Rane. Nobody's really focusing on him.

BK Chowla, said...

It is one of the perks our ministers enjoy.
I have yet to see any delegation from any country coming to India on a learning visit.We can teach the world a lot.
I only hope our guys were sensitive towards the problems the aam aadmi has.
But, that is how it is.

Mavin said...

Our leaders have lost touch with the common man and their problems.

Ours is a sad story of complete mis-management of our resources. Democracy has not prevented this mis-management and mis-allocation.

Our system is designed to frustrate the most enthusiastic amongst us.

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