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Twenty fifth of June 1975 was the darkest day in the history of this country.

I don’t know how many readers here remember that awful period.

I remember, I have seen it and felt it.

Congress party lead by Mrs Indira Gandhi declared internal emergency in the country after a decision of the Allahabad High Court against her.

Most of the opposition leaders were jailed; Press was not allowed to function, freedom of speech was taken away, some close to congress took undue advantage of the situation and exploited it to the maximum.

A lot of institutions succumbed to pressure.

Famous saying goes—they were asked to crawl but part the media bent backwards.

The party in the last 35 yrs has not apologised to the nation, but the people gave a fitting reply to congress in the next elections.

I hope and wish that such a step is not taken again by any political party in India.

It was a very bad period for India, but we survived

Today is the 35th anniversary of internal anniversary



Vinod_Sharma said...

Little has changed in the mindset. Media still crawls. Emergency sill on within the Congress. Indira and Sanjay have been replaced by Rahul and Sonia who is Congress President for life and more powerful than the PM. No word can be said against Rajiv.

BK Chowla, said...

I fully agree with your comment.
Rajeev has been declared a "political novice" so as to make him get away with the mess he created.
Also, let us be positive,Congress was given a reply then and let us wait for next term results.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.. I just realized it yday about this day when I picked up a book of essays written by Khushwant Singh where he says that though with reservations but he supported emergency! I will come back with more details once I finish it..

but for now.. I feel that was really the dark period of India and should never ever repeat!

Anonymous said...

Such a sad anniversary- of one of the darkest chapters in the history of India.

I have heard personal accounts from close friends who underwent torture in prisons, at the behest of the Congress functionaries and the bureaucracy which wanted to please Indira Gandhi.

Mavin said...

A counter view:

I was a student then and remember....trains ran on time, all the garbage got picked and streets were clean, a sense of fear pervaded but there was a semblance of discipline and work got done even in govt offices.

Proved a point beyond doubt that "Danda" works wonderfully and that is the only way we function well.

Elsewhere, with no "danda" it is free for all and that is what the nation has come to.

Democracy was throttled but what good did it do to the country in the 33 years since it was lifted.

Haddock said...

Oh yes I remember, one of our neighbors (a simple guy) was arrested and taken away. His only fault was that he had rubbed some influential people the wrong way.

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