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Saaley today, Kaminey tomorrow

When we had Parliamentarians who were orators,administrators,and statesmen, we had no real time transmission of legislative activities.  Now that television catches the most minute change in your actions and attitude, we have legislators ,  who sound like part time goondas.

Wednesday saw a  Rajasthan BJP MLA Hanuman Beniwal accuse the Home Minister of corruption.  The records show that the minister, Shanti Dhariwal, responded by saying, 'Saaley, I'll fix you in two minutes."  Beniwal was suspended for rowdy behaviour. Shortly the BJP Chief Whip RS Rathore was declared suspended for a year.  The MLA's protested, lay down, and stood 75 strong to protect their chief. Marshalls were called in, several were hurt, breathless, and hospitalized.  A sleep-in was in progress.

Is this a Hindi movie ? When do we hear Kutte, Kaminey etc?  And did we really elect these guys?


Anonymous said...

One wonders whether we have now reached the lowest point, or is there still worse to come?

'And did we really elect these guys?' is a pertinent question, because of course we did elect them. Parliament and state assemblies are just a small reflection of Indian society!

BK Chowla, said...

We have reached the lowest point, no doubt.What worries me is something else.First it was Marshals in RS-then it was Marshals in J&K assly and now Marshals in Rajasthan Assly.
Are we going to conduct business under Marshals supervision?Does it remind one of the emergency during 1975?

Happy Kitten said...

it is getting scary indeed....

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