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A Different Kind of Diktat

Fifteen years ago, in Doogaron Ka Tala village in Rajasthan’s Barmer district, for every ten boys, only one girl went to school.

In 1995, former sarpanch Kistura Ram called a meeting of village elders to discuss how to persuade the villagers to educate their daughters. They decided to issue a diktat making it compulsory for families to send their daughters to school.

Those who don’t fall in line risk not just a fine of Rs 1,000, but also excommunication from the village. Now, 15 years later, all girls in the village go to school.

Some girls have gone on to study in Barmer city and have completed their under-graduate courses.

Several girls have excelled at sports, too, and participated in national-level kabaddi and kho kho championships.

Goes to show how beneficial decisions taken and implemented at local levels can make a great impact.


Sandhya said...

They needed just a BIG push!

Happy to know about Kistura Ram!

Vinod_Sharma said...

Heartening news.Just goes to show that if people themselves are motivated and get involved, much more can be achieved than through any state intervention. Perhaps a lesson for devolution of real power to people who have a stake in their future.

Indian Pundit said...

The most important point here is "FORCE" applied in the right direction by Kistura Ram .

The threat worked.

Same works in China thats why they progress faster.

But we love our "freedom".... to do the wrong thing!!

BK Chowla, said...

It is very encouraging when one reads such real incidents.
Distribution of power at all levels is the answer.
Can we have Kapil Sibal read this post?

aativas said...

Want to know more about this. Thanks, will explore the link.

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