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No Drinks Please, We're Indian

Yes, there have been many studies suggesting that a drink a day is good for your heart and a lot else. Unfortunately, these have been carried out in the West. But faithfully, like everything else, we have copy-pasted it for Indians too.

A new study carried out at AIIMS to investigate the link between alcohol consumption and heart disease has discovered that Indians are different: alcohol harms them. And it is not just heavy drinkers who are affected. Even light drinkers, the ones who consume 30 ml of spirited drinks, a chhota if you like, have a 40% higher risk of coronary heart disease.

So, the next time someone offers you a drink, you can say, without a trace of embarrassment, “No drinks please, we're Indian”


BK Chowla, said...

My information is on the same lines but with a bit of correction.Alcohol with water is good but with Soda it is not.The fizz has something to do with it.
May it correct, may be it is not.Worth checking on.

Happy Kitten said...

Looks like it also the drinking pattern....

"It could be genetic. It could also be because of drinking pattern.

Whatever, I hope at least our doctors would refrain from telling that drinking moderately is okay... even recently I watched a reputed doctor on TV say the same.

The problem is only a few knows how to drink moderately.

perumalythoma said...

Sweet Jesus!
I am in trouble, then.
I come from a 50-50 family.
50% has had to go into rehab.
Across generations!
Jesus! again.

R. Ramesh said...

bkc sir u r also a very positive and motivating personality..v bloggers r lucky to have yr support..cheers:)

R. Ramesh said...

Shukriya boss:)

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